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Thirsty-Thursday: A Family Farmer's Market

WILDER—In a Hop Field just outside of Wilder, there’s something magical that goes on every Thursday night.

“So on Thursday we do a little event called Thirsty-Thursday,” says marketing director Andrea Gooding.

Thirsty, Thursday is a happening, where people can meet up and talk over good food and wine at a Farmer's market—A place called Red Top

“We got live music, We have a food truck that comes out and caters food. And then we set up chairs and tables, and people come,” says Gooding.

And they come from Caldwell, Nampa, even Boise, for a glimpse of Idaho’s farm country,

“I think it’s a good environment,” said Monica Mulder from Boise. “It's very comfortable, I think it’s important for people around here to have somewhere to gather and this is a good opportunity for that.”

Red Top is the embodiment, of Farm to Fork and Ag Tourism. Bringing the farm to city masses.

“This facility of itself is very indicative of what we call culinary tourism or ag tourism because they have a food truck out here, they have music, they got a beer that’s made with local hops, they have local food, and it's fun that they market locally, people buy from local growers, they get one-stop shopping. You can buy a beer, local wine, music, and also buy some fruits and vegetables,” said Ag Marketer Leah Clark.

Red Top Market is the latest endeavor of Gooding Farms. Telling the story of Ag, Bringing the city to the country on cool Thursday nights.