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Idaho Farm Bureau 2022 2nd Regular Session 66th Idaho Legislature

  Bill #
FB Position
H0458   Oppose Minimum Wage, municipalities   W/M  
H0497 Oppose Minimum wage, municipalities   W/M  
H0512  Support Bond elections, failure, 11 months St Aff 43-26-1  
H0525 Support Driver’s licenses, permits 33-0-2 66-1-3 LAW
H0526 Support Commercial licenses, permits 34-0-1 67-0-3 LAW
H0547 Support  Ballots, collection St Aff 53-15-2  
H0559 Support Confined animal feeding operations 30-4-1 48-20-2 LAW
H0575 Support County property, jails, courthouses 24-11-0 53-15-2 Pres Signed
H0584 Support Anderson Dam Ranch 35-0-0 61-7-2 To Gov
H0590 Support Worker's Comp, settlements  32-3-0 65-3-2 LAW
H0606  Support  Agriculture, aircraft  34-0-1 67-0-3 LAW
H0608  Support  Stockwater rights, forfeiture  34-0-1 67-0-3 To Gov
H0648  Support Tax, county budget limits  Local gov 43-24-3  
H0673  Support  New construction roll 35-0-0 67-0-3 Pres Signed
H0698   Support  Worker's comp, vaccine injuries  Com/HuRes 61-2-7  
H0705    Support Extreme emergencies, govt limits 31-4-0 66-0-4 Pres Signed
H0715  Support  Income tax, credit, refund 35-0-0 68-0-2 Pres Signed
H0782  Support Judicial council, judges, salary 26-9-0 44-24-2 Sp Signed
HJM005 Support Washington, fuel tax, exports  Adopted  65-0-5 ADOPTED
S1229 Oppose Minimum wage St Aff    
S1251 Support State lands, exchange S Res/Env    
S1252 Support Taylor grazing act S Res/Env    
S1254a  Support Air Quality Programs 29-6-0 62-5-3 LAW
S1262  Support  Disasters, firearm reg limits  30-5-0 58-9-3 LAW
S1345    Support Fences, barbed wire, exposure  34-0-1 Agric Aff  
S1380  Support  Rural veterinarians loan repayment  28-7-0 Agric Aff  
SCR115  Support  Education, civics standards  Adopted  63-0-7 ADOPTED