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Idaho Farm Bureau 2023 1st Regular Session 67th Idaho Legislature

  Bill #
FB Position
H9  Support Commercial license, renewal 35-0-0 69-0-1 LAW
H36  Oppose Property tax reduction   H W/M  
H37   Oppose County leases   H W/M  
H43  Oppose Fish and game, interference   H W/M  
H48  Oppose Minimum Wage   H Bus  
H58a Support School bond elections, dates S 14th Ord 43-26-1  
H78  Oppose Property tax, homeowner exemption   H Rev/tax  
H94  Support Noxious weeds, notices 21-14-0 62-8-0 LAW
H143  Support Fur buyer licenses 34-0-1 69-0-1 LAW
H144  Support  Trapping, lifetime license cert 32-2-1 69-0-1 LAW
H161  Support SNAP, work requirements 27-7-1 57-11-2 LAW
H167   Support Critical infrastructure, trespass   H W/M  
Support Agency policy documents 33-0-2 66-4-0 LAW
H185   Support Fuels tax, electric vehicles   H Transp  
H189 Support Public contracts, boycotts S St Aff 53-17-0  
H190  Support Banks, credit unions, boycotts 28-7-0 59-11-0 LAW
H191 Support Public procurement, standards 28-7-0 59-10-1 LAW
H206 Support Admin rules, legislature, process 26-6-3 59-11-0 LAW
H273  Support Property tax reduction by voters S St Aff 36-33-1  
H292  Support Property tax relief, schools, homes 28-7-0 58-12-0 LAW
H361 Support Approp, water resources, DEQ, add’l 24-11-0 49-16-5 LAW
HCR004 Support Lava Ridge project, concern  Adopted 66-0-3 ADOPTED
HCR007   Support Water Infrastructure Adopted Adopted ADOPTED
HJM004   Support Water quality standards 31-3-1 60-8-2 ADOPTED
HJM005  Support Grizzly bear delisting Adopted 60-6-4 ADOPTED
S1033  Support Ground water, irrigation 35-0-0 70-0-0 LAW
S1063 Support Barbed wire fences  25-10-0 H Agric Aff  
S1081  Support Restricted driver's licenses  S St Aff    
S1148  Support State judiciary, judicial council 29-4-2  59-11-0 LAW
SJM101  Support Immigration 25-10-0 H Agric Aff