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Idaho Farm Bureau 2024 2nd Regular Session 67th Idaho Legislature

  Bill #
FB Position
H0404 Support Records, wildlife 29-6-0 56-12-2 LAW
H0412 Support Vehicles, Ports of Entry 35-0-0 70-0-0 LAW
H0414 Support Commercial Drivers License, Fees 35-0-0 69-1-0 LAW
H0434 Oppose State land   H Res/Con  
H0446 Support Grain bin equipment, tax exemption   H Rev/Tax  
H0468 Support Rangeland improvement act 24-9-2 58-9-3 LAW
H0472 Support Land inspections, ag director 32-2-1 66-1-3 LAW
H0510 Oppose Workers verification status    H Com/HuRes  
H0533 Support Commercial Vehicles 35-0-0 68-1-1 LAW
H0534 Support Fuels tax, coml electric vehicles   H Transp  
H0592 Support Depredation 24-10-1 56-12-2 LAW
H0599 Support Ballot harvesting prohibited S St Aff 58-11-1  
H0608a Support Agricultural protection areas 33-1-1 68-0-2 LAW
H0612 Support Wolf depredation control board 24-9-2 67-0-3 LAW
H0614a Support National forests, good neighbor 34-0-1 66-0-4 To Gov
H0615 Support Public benefits, lawful presence   H Health/Wel  
H0626 Support Admin procedure, scope of review 32-1-2 58-11-1 To Gov
H0712a  Support Estray livestock 27-8-0 61-8-1 Sp Signed
H0731   Support  Approp, dept of ag, trailer  22-10-3 61-8-1 To Gov
H0753  Oppose Immigration    H 2nd Rdg   
H0756  Oppose Illegal immigration    H St Aff  
HJM006 Support BLM rules, opposing  S Res/Env 57-10-3  
Oppose Biden admin, immigration   H St Aff  
HJM009 Oppose Hells Canyon Dams, stream flows   H Res/Con  
HJM010 Support Grizzly bears, management    H Res/Con  
HJM011  Oppose Immigration   34-34-2 FAILED
HJR002 Oppose Indebtedness, limits    H Gen Ord  
S1243 Support Grazing, State Land 31-4-0 66-2-2 LAW
S1291 Support Public contracts, boycotts 28-7-0 59-11-0 To Gov
S1302 Support Working animals  S Loc Gov    
S1322 Support Invasive species 25-9-1 54-14-2 LAW
S1340 Support Outfitters, wildlife tags, wolves S Res/Env    
S1341 Support Eastern Snake, ground water 35-0-0 68-0-2 LAW
S1342 Support Grazing leases 33-0-2 69-0-1 LAW
S1345 Support Private Property S Jud    
S1370 Support Water, subdivisions  S Local Gov    
S1404  Support Search and seizure, private land S Jud    
S1432  Support  Pesticides, warning labels  S Com/HuRes    
S1443  Oppose Endowment trust lands 64-0-1 H Res/Con  
SJR104 Support Extraordinary Sessions, Limit 25-10-0 H St Aff  
SCR111 Support Veterinarians ADOPTED ADOPTED Adopted 
SJM102 Support Immigration, labor, security  30-4-1 62-5-3  
SJM103 Support Snake river dams, breaching, oppose 29-5-1 ADOPTED Adopted