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HOPE in Idaho Ag

Idaho Farm Bureau Rural Resilience Committee

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Weather, finances, uncertain markets, working with family, and the realities of raising living things; there is no shortage of stressors in our agricultural way of life! But when not handled correctly chronic stress can have a serious, negative affect on our physical and mental health. 

Everyone struggles with stress, and ANYONE can find themselves or their loved ones dealing with a mental health crisis. Our goal is to provide the resources & support needed to create a healthier rural Idaho, and give HOPE to those in crisis.

58% of farmers report that they are personally dealing with more mental health challenges than they were a year ago. 



While we may not be able to avoid the stresses associated with our occupations and way of live, we can implement easy strategies and practices that will prevent chronic stress from negatively affecting our health and relationships. Hand selected by fellow farmers and ranchers, these tips promise to be time and money friendly. 

  • Sleep
  • Managing stress
  • Conversation, not contention
  • Plan now


91% of farmers feel that financial stress negatively impact their mental health. Ben Eborn, University of Idaho Extension Agricultural Economist explains what to do when the weight of the farm business becomes too much, and what steps to take to feel back in control.

  • Idaho Farm & Ranch Center - ISDA's collection of resources to promote success in farm Ranch Business Management 
  • Idaho AgBiz - classes in Farm Business management & succession planning, commodity budgets, financial tools, and U of I educator contacts.

    Receive FREE, confidential, one-on-one meeting for help with any of your farm business questions or needs!


The Idaho Farm Bureau Federation has created the Idaho Coalition for Rural Resilience to bring together agriculturalists, health professionals, educators, and business to address the growing concern of mental health issues in rural and agricultural Idaho. We are proud to team up with the following individuals to save lives through increase awareness, programs, and resources to prevent suicide and assist other mental health issues.


Idaho agriculture is a community of individuals who are passionate about not only farming and ranching, but the other farmers and ranchers who create our incredible culture and industry.

A majority (78%) of rural individuals would feel comfortable talking to their close friends about the mental health issues they were struggling with, however 1 out of three individuals do not feel confident in helping their friends talk and find solutions to their mental health needs.

Here are easy to use suggestions and resources to help you reach out to your friends & family, and be prepared to start the conversation about mental health and suicide if you need to.

Click HERE to see

  • Five Steps to help someone in emotional pain
  • Know the Warning Signs
  • Start the Conversation
  • Training

National Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255

Idaho Suicide Hotline: 208-398-4357