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Strolling Buffet highlights IFBF Legislative Conference

Boise—The buffet tables were stacked with roast beef and ham at Boise’s Riverside Hotel as more than 220 sat down to dinner. 

The Idaho Farm Bureau’s annual ‘strolling buffet’ was another big success this year as lawmakers dined with Farm Bureau Members from their home districts.

“There’s not a better way to communicate with lawmakers,” said Idaho Farm Bureau President Bryan Searle. Searle adds that a personal visit with neighbors is good grass-root politics. 

The Strolling Buffet has become a Legislative institution and is prized by members and lawmakers because it's low-key, no speeches, no podiums, and relaxed atmosphere.
Each table was marked by Legislative Districts. Farm Bureau members visit the buffet table and then sit at their 'district' table with their Senators and Representatives. 

“There’s nothing like this in Idaho. We get to bounce ideas off constituents and they can ask us anything they want,” Said Representative Judy Boyle from District 9, Midvale. "I love visiting with people from back home."

Dinner conversations were lively, with issues ranging from brand inspectors, taxes and private property rights.