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Monday market report: 2nd day of double digit gains in wheat market

Good Monday morning…

It’s 21 degrees this morning in the Treasure Valley we’ve had scattered snow.  And a cool 18 in Poky, 16 in IF,  Northern Idaho, it’s 30 this morning in CDA and a bit colder in Sandpoint…. Afternoon temps will hit the 30s and 40’s.

On to the markets:

At the CBOT open corn futures are at $4.24, up 3 cents.

The big story this morning is the second day of double-digit gains in the wheat market. All this in response to the USDA report:

March CBOT Wheat is at $6.17, up 20 cents,

KCBT Wheat is at $5.85 1/2, up 22 cents,

Mar 21 MGEX Wheat is at $5.72, up 10 cents,

Over in


- Soft White Wheat


up 14

- Hard Red Winter


up 20

- DNS 14%


up 5

- Hard White


up 20

Milk inching up, now trading at  $15.82 per hundredweight this morning, up 3 cents from Friday.

Fat cattle futures open 55 to 92 cents higher. Front-month feeder cattle futures open off the highs, where gains topped triple digits, but still ended up by at least 20 cents. The CME Feeder Cattle Index is 9 cents lower to $137.11. The bulk of the week’s cash sales is $107-$108.

Idaho Hay, supreme quality trading at  $160, good quality going for $140 demand steady.

That's it for the Weekend market report from the voice of Idaho Agriculture, I'm Jake Putnam