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Local dealers to hold Right to Repair informative demonstrations

IDAHO - With the advance of technology, a growing issue in Idaho agriculture is the right to repair. Farmers have asked, "If I own it, why can’t I repair it?" or "Why do the diagnostics only show codes? Why can’t the onboard display of my tractor actually tell me what the most probable cause of the problem is so I can determine if I need to call a tech, or if I can handle it myself?"

Western Equipment Dealers Association, a North American trade association representing approximately 2,200 farm, industrial and outdoor power equipment dealers including 46 dealer locations in Idaho, will be hosting dealer demonstrations to discuss current farm equipment technological capabilities as it relates to the Right to Repair issue, the industry commitment to address repair issues and increase uptime, and to participate in an equipment demonstration highlighting diagnostic tools directly available to the producer.

Dealers, manufacturers and industry personnel from several different equipment brands will be on hand to have a discussion and answer questions during the events.

Event Details
Campbell Tractor Dealership:
2014 N Franklin Blvd,
Nampa, ID 83687
When: October 23, 7:00-9:00 p.m.


Stotz Equipment Dealership:
2986 S Frontage Rd,
American Falls, ID 83211
When: November 5, 7:00-9:00 p.m.