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Donation Heros

As the great potato lift of 2020 continues across Idaho, there are hero’s that emerge to help out. To them, a small donation of time and equipment seems like a small thing— In this case, the U-haul rental of Moscow looms large in the effort.

"My name is Matt Williams, I'm the manager of the U-Haul here in Moscow. One thing I do love with the Center is helping non-profits, charities, and groups of that nature. We just did one for the Farm Bureau to help them out with potatoes," said Williams.

The trucks are used to shuttle spuds from the main collection point in Coeur d'Alene to food banks across a vast 5-county area.

"And we got them a truck and made it happen, we got food to where they needed it," said Williams.

"We really appreciate the potatoes we got today, that'll really help feed our families for about a month, to a month and a half.," said Mary Orr of the Saint Maries Food Bank.

The farmers, the truckers, and U-haul lending equipment, no-name hero’s helping feed the hungry during the great 2020 pandemic.