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The purpose of the I Farm, I Vote campaign is to engage farmers, ranchers and rural citizens in becoming informed voters to ensure their voices are heard at the statehouse.

The purpose of the I Eat, I Vote campaign is to engage urban citizens who know their family’s food depends upon Idaho’s farmers and ranchers so they will vote for candidates that support agriculture in Idaho.   

Idaho is blessed with a wide variety of agriculture products, and we have local farmers and ranchers to thank for that. Agriculture is Idaho’s largest economic sector and the lifeblood of rural communities, employing 1 in 8 Idahoans while supplying food and fiber for the nation and the world.  Elected officials impact all aspects of rural life and business, from taxes and environmental regulation to property rights and transportation. These campaigns aim to provide useful information so all Idahoans can make informed decisions and support elected leaders who promote Idaho farmers, ranchers and rural communities.

Get Informed

Candidates who Support Agriculture

Online Voter Tools  - Voter Registration, Request an Absentee Ballot, and Find your Polling Place.

Presidential Candidate Questionnaire


 This year there are three ways to vote

Absentee Voting: You may vote by absentee ballot through the mail. You must request the ballot from your county clerk and mail it back to them by a specified date. 

Early Voting: You may vote in-person prior to election day at your County Elections office.

- October 19, 2020, Early voting begins for those counties that choose to conduct early voting. -

- October 30, 2020, Early Voting Ends at 5 p.m. -

In-person Voting: The traditional way to vote.  You may go to your polling place on election day and cast your ballot.

- In-person voting is on November 3, 2020, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm at your polling place. -


Get Involved

Pledge to Vote


Help us encourage voters to learn more about issues that affect agriculture by speaking out and using the hashtag #IFarmIVoteIdaho

Click on the images below to download and use these graphics for photos taken for the #IFarmIVoteIdaho

I Farm I Vote - Blue I Farm I Vote - White I Eat I Vote - Red I Eat I Vote - white

Social Media

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