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TF Canal Company lines canal

By: Jake Putnam - Idaho Farm Bureau
Published in Video on  November 18, 2019

Twin Falls--Just outside of Twin Falls, Idaho the Twin Falls Canal Company is doing an off-season canal lining project.

"This is a canal lining project on the High-line canal just east of Twin Falls," said Brian Olmstead of the TF Canal Company.

For a hundred years, this stretch of the High Line has seeped irrigation water into the ground….and when the Twin Falls Canal company had an opportunity to fix the problem, they jumped on it. Brian Olmstead:

"So historically this has always been the biggest water losing stretch on our canal. We lose more than 25 CFS per mile through the reach, so now with the value of water, and the water we can save can be stored up above and help us and everyone else. Its really an important project and this is good timing," said Olmstead.

The Bureau of Reclamation has funding for companies in their Water Smart program, matching up to 50 percent in cost-sharing. Fixing seepage and saving water, money and making canals more efficient.

"And the measurements show this will  we save 8000 acre-feet  per season, so if you look at that as a rental price of water right now that's $240-thousand dollars per year, so essentially this project pays for itself every year

The canal liner is pulled down in long horizontal strips, crews then weld the pieces together, they have just a small window of opportunity to complete the project before the weather turns. The Twin Falls Canal company spent a little to fix a lot, saving water for decades to come.

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