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Women's Leadership donates to Ronald McDonald House

Boise--The Idaho Farm Bureau’s Women’s Leadership Committee met at Boise's Ronald McDonald House this morning with a check to the families of critically ill children. 
The mission of the Ronald McDonald House is to provide a “home away from home” for families of sick and injured children receiving medical treatment in Boise. Executive Director Mindy Plumlee says 620 families spent time at the facility in 2018, and they're booked just about every week.
"This is a 17 bedroom house and we're full," said Plumlee. "That's why we welcome the Farm Bureau Women's committee donation. It means so much to families staying here."
The Ronald McDonald House, located on Main St. near St. Luke's Hospital, started in 1988 and provides affordable alternative housing for out-of-town families with children who require medical treatment. Right now, a construction site next door will serve as the next Ronald McDonald House. The new house will quadruple capacity and is scheduled to open in 2020.
Built in the early 1900s and purchased by the late J.R. Simplot for the Ronald McDonald Foundation. Families are charged just $10 a night; the balance is paid with public and private donations to the Ronald McDonald house, and any family who is unable to pay the fee is not turned away.
The Women's Committee visits the Ronald McDonald House every year as part of the 'Our Food Link" program in conjunction with the American Farm Bureau. The Food Link program's mission is to remind consumers where their food comes from.
“We're not just helping the struggling families but we're on a mission, we want the people of Idaho to know that we have the best, most plentiful and cheapest food supply in the world, we're sharing that good fortune with those who need it, and they need it now,” said Chairwoman Judy Woody.
Woody presented the House with a check. The funds were collected from County Farm Bureaus across the state. Director Plumlee is thankful for the help. “We’ll spend it all on food, and things needed to sustain the families during their stay here.