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U of I, Wheat Commission license new wheat

Moscow--A big change is coming to Idaho’s billion-dollar wheat industry.

There’s a new variety of wheat, called U of I cookie that was developed by U of I Professor and researcher Dr. Chen at the wheat breeding center in Aberdeen:

"So it's easier to thresh, it also has better loading resistance. In addition to these two improvements, it has high-quality yields and resistance to blight," said Dr. Chen.

Higher tolerance to blight and stripe rust and U of I Cookie topped yields of the other cereal grains over the past two years. Today the Idaho wheat Commission and the U of I signed a licensing agreement: Wheat is the state’s No. 2 crop in terms of farm-gate receipts and an important part of crop rotations. The Wheat commission decided to obtain the rights for Cookie, and public release it for farmers across the state without royalties or plant back restrictions.

"This is a very special release, for public release and also licensed to the Wheat Commission. I would also like to give farmers support for production and commercialization. If any growers have questions, I'm here, thank you," said Chen.

Idaho farmers can apply for 30-acre seed trials just by signing up, with the commission. U of I cookie should be in full production over the next two years.