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The University of Idaho Beginning Rancher Development Program is designed to provide beginning ranchers with useful knowledge and resources to increase success in their operation. This 3-day in-person workshop will provide information on: animal health, handling, & evaluation; natural resource & financial management; beef slaughter & fabrication.   

  • Monday, July 8th – All About the Beef Cattle
    • Topics: Live Animal Evaluation; Beef Harvest Demonstration; Beef Quality Assurance Training.
    • Evaluate live cattle on muscle, fat/cover, structure, volume; demonstration of cattle harvest; practice low stress animal handling techniques.
  • Tuesday, July 9th – Animal Health and Resources Management
    • Topics: Forage; Grazing and Natural Resource Management; Animal Health; Financial Management.
    • Understand basics of ruminant digestive system; information on rotational grazing, proper stocking density for environmental sustainability; evaluate quality of feed samples; tools for financial management.
  • Wednesday, July 10th – Beef on the Rail
    • Topics: Beef Carcass Grading; Beef Carcass Fabrication; Sensory Evaluation.
    • Evaluate carcass USDA Yield and Quality Grades; demonstration of how to break down a beef carcass; understand the translation from cattle to beef products for the consumer.

Cost: $20/person equipment fee (participants will receive equipment such as knives etc.)

Funds are available for participants needing support for travel/lodging.

Contact Dr. Phil Bass, at for more information.

Program Overview: