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Tractor sales boom

NOTUS--In the ADA County suburbs farmland disappears at an alarming rate…and while this land is no longer productive, there are still Ag Dollars generated from here, from Agri-businesses.

"Our business is directly tied to the homeowner market," said Scott Rowland.

J and J Machinery in Notus is cashing in on a suburban boom selling garden tractors:

"It's an agricultural product that's rooted in the Ag industry because it takes care of acreages. It segregated away from the agriculture industry because its sold exclusively to homeowners in our area especially. It has some Ag applications but it's too small for the Ag applications we have and they're sold exclusively to homeowners," said Rowland.

Homeowners that are using the small tractors for mowing lawns, hauling manure, and they’re suburban status symbols. '

"I can tell you way better how the home market is going than the Ag market because that's who we deal with. So us with the inputs everyone has to have a tractor if they have acreage, so they buy our tractors. 'So with 7 or 8 new tractors out front, how long will they be here? This is the slowest time of the year, but this year we have been out of inventory, the average tractor is staying here three days," said Rowland.

That’s right, 3 days….and expect to pay at least 24-thousand dollars, more if want a front end loader and a scraper. But Scott is willing to make you a deal.

"Yea, if you come all the way out to Notus, the first thing you don't want to do is blink because you won't notice us, You need to get here so you can be noticed in Notus," chuckles Rowland.

For the Voice of Idaho Ag, I'm Jake Putnam