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The lost Buzz Aldrin interview

Buzz Aldrin used to spend summers in Idaho. The Farm Bureau's Jake Putnam found his long lost interview tapes with Aldrin, just in time for the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11's landing on the Moon.

Some twenty-five years ago Putnam was covering Hailey's 4th of July Parade. When he got to the Park, there was the Apollo Astronaut, MIT and West Point grad holding court in the park. Surrounded by a two dozen kids he was talking about how hot metal got on the moon, because of the long lunar days. The kids were spellbound and Aldrin is not only one of the greatest astronauts of all time, but has a Phd. in Physics, the kids hung on every word.

Everyone one knows what Neil Armstrong said, I asked Aldrin about his impressions and what he said. "I saw magnificent desolation, those were my words, there were no colors just brilliant light, but just different shades of gray," said Aldrin. Aldrin should also be remembered as one of the world's great photographers. I asked 'who took the footprint photo?' "I did." He said that Buzz Aldrin will also be remembered as the great subject in the Apollo photographs. "Neil was an excellent photographer as well," said Aldrin. And that sums up Aldrin, his modesty overshadowing true greatness.