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Support a farmer

OSGOOD, Hey guys, It's Andrew Mickelsen of Mickelsen's Farms.

This is my office for the day. We are planting potatoes with a sputnik 8-row planter. It's pretty crazy all the things we need to run it. I just wanted you to see the process. The seed cut potatoes are in the planter there and then they are picked up and dropped in the ground, at 12 and a half-inch spacing. And that's how we get these potato plants going.

But agriculture is very, very important. This is one of our important processes. We got the planting, we got the growing and the harvesting. Agriculture as a whole, we all need to know how important it is. Here on this farm, we provide a lot of potatoes that will be shipped across the entire country, and without hard-working farmers, there wouldn't be that food. Food is not grown in the grocery stores, it's grown right here in the fields and it started just like this. So thank a farmer! Support farmers and things grown in the United States.