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River surfing, Idaho's newest winter sport

Garden City--It’s a sight that stops people dead in their tracks. Surf’s up in Garden City.

On the Greenbelt…in 36-degree weather, in front of snow-capped mountains, brave souls donning wet suits in freezing water. Surfer Austin Fernand:

"I love surfing, I love board sports. Idaho is a land-locked state and it's the closest I can get to real surfing, I got a pretty thick wetsuit on," said Fernand.

You got to have a wetsuit, the swim to the wave is a shock to the system. What's it like?

"It's definitely cold you got to have a thick wetsuit, but you're piling around enough that you can stay warm. Boise winters are not too bad," said fellow surfer Dusty T. Nichols, of Jackson, Wyoming.

But it's really no fun to fall in freezing water. When you get into the trough what's it like?

"Like nothing, I've never done before," said Fernand. "It's like floating, it's completely different. Rather than going on a wave and having it crash behind you, you're on whitewater and in the barrel, you're just floating on the wave."

And once on the wave--

"It's all toe to heel, foot placement is like surfing, but you're riding a lot smaller surfboard," added Fernand. And Nichols says there are guys that can ride that wave all day long.

And everybody’s going surfing, catching waves and sitting on top of the world. For the Voice of Idaho Ag, I'm Jake Putnam