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Redux: Pumpkin Season Underway

Pocatello - The weekend the weather turned and officially marked the start of hunting season, pumpkin hunting season. Swore Farms outside of Fort Hall opened their fields to hundreds of pumpkin hunters. 

"We got about 15 acres of pumpkins with over 20-thousand pumpkin plants and there are so many nice, big pumpkins out there," said Wendy Swore. 

Part of the Hunt involves the tractor ride to the patch…Tom Brock and his son got up early in search of the perfect pumpkin. "It's fun," said Tom Brock of Chubbuck. 

"It's that time of year and its a great father, son activity and good bonding time, too bad the weather is not a little better." 

Cool temperatures and heavy rain put a damper on weekend pumpkin hunting, but those that showed up happily hunted and found prized pumpkins. Pumpkin hunting is good at Swore farm….there's a huge selection to choose from. 

"We got at least five varieties of squash and 10 different pumpkins," said Michael Swore. Swore farms busiest season is post harvest in the form of Agri-tourism. And for tens of thousands, the chance to hunt pumpkins, and visit a farm during the harvest season. 

The Swores found another way to make harvest pay. 

For the Voice of Idaho Agriculture, Im Jake Putnam