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Monday Market Report:Wheat still strong!

Good Monday morning!, the heat is back and with a vengeance

It’s a  warm 64 degrees this morning in Boise and Treasure Valley. Its a  balmy 63  in Poky a bit cooler 52 in IF. CDA 55…. WE will have even warmer temps later in the week We will see highs in the 90s in the east and near 100’s in SW Idaho

Front-month corn futures open this morning up 22 cents, Jul 21 Corn futures open at $6.55.

Going into the weekend wheat futures were double digits higher at the close and that where they are this morning. CBT futures open with 19  to 23  cent gains. KC wheat opens with 21 cent gains on Friday.

July 21 CBOT wheat opens at $6.62 up 23 cents!

Over in Burly prices steady

 - Soft White Wheat | 6.25 | up 6
- Hard Red Winter | 5.81 | up 22
- Hard Red Spring | 7.00 | up 67
- Barley | 9.50 | unchanged
 - Hard White | 6.00 | up 21

Front-month cattle futures open Monday with 37 to 97 cent gains,.  Friday’s catch-up trade was $120-$124 and as high as $200 for high-graded dressed sales. The bulk of this week’s cash trade will be $122 in the South and near $124 in the North, with $195 in the beef. Feeder cattle futures open the week from $1.37 to $2.37 in the red. The Feeder Cattle Index from CME is 93 cents stronger to $141.28.  

Milk prices open up a steady  $17.33 per hundredweight…and still climbing

Sugar stands at 16 cents per pound, down a percentage point.

Heating oil is at 55.74 and climbing…that's Up a buck from last week.

We had lots of sun last week and we’re seeing the first of the second cut.  Demand is moderate even with fresh hay on the market…

Timothy  going up to $200 a ton…

Supreme going for 190 per ton

Premium           170                

Good              130    

That's it for the Monday market report…You can check out the market prices on the Idaho Farm Bureau web page… for the voice of Idaho Agriculture, I'm Jake Putnam