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Monday Market Report: Local wheat up a dime

Good Monday morning welcome to the Idaho Farm Bureau market report, available on Spotify and iTunes.

We’re coming to you from Boise where it’s 36-degrees here morning, 28 degrees in Pocatello and IF, 29-degrees in the Magic Valley, and 34-degrees in Moscow and CDA.

Onto the markets

May 21st Corn futures opens at $5.77 down 2 cents in Chicago.

Wheat futures open up with double digits gains. CBT futures open at $6.38 and for May completes a 31-percent cent hike for the week. KC HRW futures open with 10 cent gains.


- Soft White Wheat


up 10

- Hard Red Winter


up 10

- Hard Red Spring


up 10

- Barley



- Hard White

5.45 up 10


Fat cattle futures open with gains of 22 cents. June futures are the strongest, widening the April premium to $1.67. Cash trade opens a dollar higher at $115, Dressed sales have mostly been $185 for the week. Feeder cattle futures open with gains up to 90 cents. The CME Feeder Cattle Index is $136.75, up by $1.29.

Sugar opens at 16 cents per pound and opens up 1.8 percent

Heating oil opens at 47.82 and continues the climb.

Milk opens strong at  $17.65 up 14 cents.

Supreme hay going for 190, Feeder hay up to 140 if you can find it.

You can check out all of the Idaho market prices on the Idaho Farm Bureau website. That's it for the Monday market report, have a good day, for the voice of Idaho Agriculture, I’m Jake Putnam.