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Mitchell & Sunny Searle, new YF&R Leaders for District 3

BURLEY - Outside of Burley, you’ll find these District three leaders working the family farm, sun-up to sun down…year-round.

“We’re Mitchell and Sunny Searle from Burley, Idaho, Cassia County and we have three and a half kids, farm row crops and grains. In the view area south of Burley. We run about 6-thousand acres of potatoes and sugar beets, corn. alfalfa, wheat, barley, there’s a small dairy and cattle on the mountain,” said Mitchell.

And the Searles rich family life is it's just as important as farming.

"We can go sit in a tractor with him and eat lunch with him which is pretty fun, although it's getting a little crowded in the tractor with three and a half kids,” said Sunny. “Living on a farm is fun because they go to work with their Dad a lot.”

A few years back the Searles were invited to the Burley Farm Bureau Office and Mitchell says it changed his life.  

“I served on the Cassia County Board for a few years and then when the opportunity became available, I was asked to be the Young Farmer and Rancher chairman for the county. When a District YF&R chair became available I ran for that and was elected. So I look forward to the opportunities to learn and grow and get to know new people and the way they farm and its been a really good experience,” said Mitchell Searle.

Searle says YF and R have helped his farming.

“Seems like you get to know the others at YF&R activities and then you get to be friends and pretty soon, your calling them asking how to hand different farming situations, how to do certain kinds of record-keeping. It's great to have someone to bounce ideas off from and it's very beneficial,” added Mitchell.

Sitting in a tractor Mitchell has time to think and set priorities as District chair For the Searle’s its all about Leadership training—and attacking the future.