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Mexican Millers Tour Idaho Grain Elevators

Idaho Falls—The Idaho Farm Bureau a Mexican wheat merchants spent three days on a whirlwind tour of Southeast Idaho wheat farms and grain elevators this past week.

A senior trader from Mexico along with Idaho Farm Bureau staff visited local elevators and talked to producers. The Delegation was joined by trade experts from the Idaho Wheat Commission and the Department of Agriculture which helped organized the event.

“During the visit with farmers and elevators, I think the quality of our wheat was the easiest point to make,” said Zak Miller of the Idaho Farm Bureau. “We have superior quality grain whether it's in a producer’s bin or at the elevator. Not only that but all our varieties speak for themselves. Our producers did not disappoint in showing off their superior wheat.” 

Miller says that the Department of Ag and the Wheat Commission continually stressed Idaho’s identity-preserved wheat.

“Very few places in the world have producers that manage their wheat with the precision that Idaho wheat producers do and we wanted to show the Mexican millers that.  As more and more consumers seek to ‘know their food’ this bodes well for Idaho producers in the future.”

For Idaho wheat producers freight is always a challenge, but shipping has improved according to Miller.

“There was a lot of discussion about transportation because it's been a challenge of the past, but that’s the past. Optimistically, we think there are new opportunities to move wheat into Mexico and at a competitive price,” said Miller.

Miller says the biggest takeaway from the tour was greater communication between all parties involved on the tour.

“We think future deals are possible between the Mexican millers and Idaho wheat producers, so we’re going to stay in touch and keep working on an agreement,” said Miller. 

Miller adds that the Farm Bureau will continue to monitor the needs of the Mexican millers and says these visits are productive. "We’re finding ways to help develop and enhance Idaho’s agriculture products," said Miller.