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Its fair time in Idaho

Boise--Its fair time across Idaho and at the Western Idaho State Fair its the biggest day of the summer for 10-year old Jessi Lolley of Meridian.

"I was nervous before but now I like showing," said Jessi.

Jessi has learned there's a lot of preparation before setting foot in the show ring.

"Cleaning pens and some days it's hard, other days it comes naturally for her and she enjoys the hard work," said Denise Lolley.

This is Jessi’s first fair…and in the junior showmanship competition she showed three animals from her farm, her lamb, Prince Washington, Bendi, her dog, and a rabbit. It was a lot to bite off for a rookie, but she nailed it.

In a post-show meeting, Denise proudly met with daughter Jessi.

"You did good, I'm proud of you," she exclaimed with pride.

In fact, she loves doing it, Lolley says showing three animals, she’s learning so much in 4H.

"I've learned all about dogs in dog show competition. How they work and how they are built all their uses, different breeds and stuff like that," said Jessi.

And for Jessi its all about responsibility, and along the way forming a bond with animals. And during the fair time, there’s an added benefit. She missed the first two days of school because of the fair.