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IFBF Podcast: New Ag Secretary confirmed

Thanks for Joining us, I'm Jake Putnam

Our first story has a hint of nostalgia…not sentimental nostalgia just the regular kind. 

Today on Capitol Hill, the Senate confirmed Tom Vilsak as Ag Secretary. If that name sounds familiar, he was Ag Secretary once before,  Gary Crawford was there:

Also today we learned that H2a wages are going up, in Idaho… it's a significant jump. I got to talking to Braden Jensen, I went to his office at Boise Farm Bureau Building…well actually I went upstairs and he told me what this was all about:

So, Next week kicks off Farm Safety week, Joel Benson from our Poky office said I should look into it. I went out and visited Sid Freeman. In the old days, Freeman teamed with Ado County and they did some farm safety projects to try and reduce Farm-car accidents. That program is still going on today.

That's all I got this week, I hope if you got a good story idea you’ll drop me a line, you can find me on the Idaho Farm Bureau web page.

Until we meet again…