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IFBF Hay Committee Meets

Twin Falls--In a hayfield North of Twin Falls the latest swathers cut hay. This is not only a timely demonstration of harvest innovation but a meeting of the Idaho Farm Bureau’s Hay and Forage Committee.

Farm Bureau members gathered here to see the latest equipment, but also to talk about a few resolutions, Committee Chair Travis McAffee, out of Lost Rivers:

"Today we decided to meet, I called the committee and we decided to meet at this Hay show today. John Deer is coming out with their new steamers and different tractors that they're going to show us different designs today. The Hay committee really wanted to take a look at them. With the hay prices, you're always trying to get the best prices you can," said McAffee.

Best hay at the best prices, using the best technology, the Committee is looking for a producer edge in the Hay market, be it equipment or techniques:

"It's going to take the best moisture reading for each bail, so that way it has a GPS weight point when it drops off a bail, so it will know exactly where that bail was, what its moisture was. You can flag those bails for weeds, high moisture, and different kind of things," said Jensen Thelander of Stotz Equipment.

The Hay committee is looking ahead, the hay and forage markets are doubling, and now a big three cash crop. "It's huge in Idaho. Right now its almost going to take number one in marketing and exports. The consumers are really liking the area right here and we can grow the best quality of hay for their animals," said McAffee.

The committee then met and talked about truck weights and load sizes, getting the hay to market. "So will this go through District by Highway District? It's a local issue for sure."

Farm Bureau power, fielding issues, checking out the latest political and farm innovations, all in a day's work.