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Idaho Farm Bureau hosts Freshman lunch

Boise--The Idaho Farm Bureau welcomed 17 newly-elected lawmakers at the annual Farm Bureau Freshman lunch.

"So its just a great opportunity to introduce ourselves and realize that we are long lost friends, if we didn't know it already," said Zak Miller, Executive Director of the Idaho Farm Bureau.

IFBF President Bryan Searle also greeted the new lawmakers saying that the Farm Bureau promotes agriculture and it's an economic force in the state’s economy.

"We want to work with you in your counties," said Searle. Governmental Affairs director Russ Hendricks says this annual event introduces Farm Bureau to new lawmakers.  

"We want to give lawmakers the chance to get to know us, ask questions so that later in the session and they're considering Ag legislation they can call on us to answer their questions. We represent 80-thousand members and every Ag producer group in Idaho," said Hendricks.

Vice President Richard Durrant says it the Farm Bureau way to welcome and help out: "We're making the effort and we get to introduce ourselves to the new Legislators, inform them of our policies and let them know that we're individuals that like anyone have problems and concerns," said Durrant.

Representative Marco Erickson of Idaho Falls comes from an urban district.

"You know it's great to meet everyone and get to know them, what they're working on and get the opportunity to hear them out. I'm learning a lot and I thought I knew a lot, but I found out that I don't know very much. It's a great opportunity for us," said Rep. Erickson.

"One of the things we are proud of saying is that we are a grassroots organization. What that means is that our policies--our official positions on a variety of issues, start as resolutions from members at the county farm bureau level," said Searle.

Idaho Farm Bureau and Freshmen Lawmakers, planting seeds and future that farmers can build on.