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Home School and Home--The new Eden High School

Eden--At the 100-year-old Eden High School in Eden Idaho, Beethoven is in the air. 
"It's an amazing place." 
That's Keegan Jensen, the proud owner of Eden High School. He was looking for an exciting place to move his family and found it just out of Twin Falls, In of all places Eden: 
"We kind of got excited by that, It's kind of fun to see all the features and all the material used and all the history behind it," said Jensen. 
That's right, a school in the home, wife Jeralee Jensen, home schools the families 8 children, or students in one of the classic 1920’s classrooms. 
"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic...Home Schooling and home school... Jeralee says Homeschooling in an old school has a unique charm— 
"As soon as I walked into this room and looking at it, I thought this would be the perfect place to have a classroom with all the light coming in from the windows. I think one of the things we loved about the building, is that it speaks to education and speaks to learning things and being excited about history, life. It all seems to be retained within the walls," said Jeralee Jensen. 
And keeping kids in a learning environment, Eden High School, and they’re bound to be brilliant: 
"We have our own Newton's cradle," said first-grader Matthew Jensen.
 We asked Lily Jensen what she wanted to do when she grew up. "I want to be a doctor," she said. 
And what home school is complete without its own basketball court? And of course, there’s the stage and auditorium, perfect for home concerts! The living quarters are modern and comfy, but the Jensen construction projects stretch years into the future. 
"That room is going to be the master bedroom, and this room is going to be for the kids. There is not a lot of plumbing in this area, but we are going to put in some half-baths so they got everything they need. They're such large rooms, but we love the light but converting it to usable space for a family is a challenge," said Jensen. 
And for the Jensen family, this is a remarkable journey past to present, and they’re never far from home or school, living in a landmark, in Eden.