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Farm to Families: Food give away

Meridian--On the last day of US Ag Week, A special event at Kendal Ford in Meridian. A Farm to Family food giveaway program.

"Where's all this food going to go? 'Our neighborhood, so they're gonna love it We have a group of about 10 houses, that are all excited, so this is a very cool opportunity, so thank you!'" said one Meridian man.

In the time of Covid car after car of shows up to get food and encouragement.

"Yea, so we are out here at Kendall Ford in Meridian, Idaho and we are giving away 1,243 boxes of fresh Farm to Family food boxes under the USDA Farm to Family program, it supports our local food chain during the pandemic to keep the food moving and put it right back into the communities hands for anyone struggling with COVID. We want to make sure people have sustainable food on the table, not just rice and beans," said Organizer Brandi Badger.

In the time of Covid, hunger has hit the suburbs, many are not working And the food comes in handy, not just for those driving through, but the Elderly up the street, hungry neighbors, the food is a foot-up in difficult times.

"Personally, it's been very tough because I lost my Dad to Covid. This reminds me of how wonder Idaho is and the great community we have," said Sean Bowman.

"We get bigger and bigger each round as we grow our partnerships," said Jill Moore of Cascadia. "We get farmer partners, transportation partners and we find out where the need is, and we all work together to distribute fresh food to people in need. Honestly, I know everyone has had a terrible year but the new purpose for us has been amazing."

The food comes from farmers, much of the packaged food cannot be sold because of closed cafeterias and restaurants across the West. With Covid and so many out of work, the working poor is a term used over and over again.Many who showed up explained they are making their mortgage payment but the food is scarce. On this day, Farmers came to the rescue.