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Farm Bureau's podcast: US Senate considers cattle market transparency

Thanks for joining us…This is Jake Putnam coming to you from the Boise Farm Bureau office, just a block from the Idaho Statehouse.

There’s been a lot of talk about the cattle market back in DC. There’s been a new bill introduced in the Senate. It’s significant to every producer…because of all the secrecy of contracts. This bill would create more transparency in cattle markets. Our Micheal Clements Tells us about the bill how it aligns with the National policy book and priorities set by Farm Bureau members.

The Idaho Farm Bureau’s Beef committee also met, also discussing pricing and I was there:

I saw Ted Blackstock at the meeting and asked him about hay prices…He’s a 4th generation rancher out in the Owyhees. He says hay is tight and, prices are up.  I also had the chance to ask Ted about cattle prices,  contract transparency in the market.

Fill demand in the US, hopefully, the restaurants will open back up, Beef prices are up, but as Ted says not much of that money is making it back to the ranchers.

Ted says he’s starting to move cattle out to the spring range, hope springs eternal on the ranch, as we head into another season.