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Boundary County Ag Tour

Bonners Ferry--In beautiful Boundary County just a few miles from the Canadian border, the snow is gone and Agriculture is booming and in full swing.

This is the Boundary County Ag tour. The first stop is Cow Creek Blueberry Farm with Debbie Woods.

"We have 12-hundred plants here, we grow organically, we are a u-pick farm and we are open for about two months during the summer from July to August and we welcome folks to come out and do the picking big ripe blueberries," said Woods.

The tour was designed to show the many aspects of County Ag including student Trew Lammers the FFA student who is growing, harvesting, and selling Barley!

"I am raising 12 acres of malt barley for my supervised agricultural experience through FFA here in Bonners Ferry. It's something I have done for two years now, last year I did 6 acres. I'm so interested in doing it because my family is in agriculture, and Ag is super important to me and I just want to keep it alive." said Lammers.

Keeping Agriculture Alive—and now thriving at Timberland Wood Products—-

"We got a band mill, a sling-blade mill, a planer-molder, and a warehouse facility," said CFO Nathan Issac.

And talk about Ag diversity, Paula Rice runs a flower farm!

"And we sell them to the farmers market, florists, grocery stores. We're a seasonal operation and we grow probably more than 150 different varieties of flowers that's kind of magical to know that the North of Idaho can provide a lot of beautiful materials for bringing flowers into the home," said Rice.

The group also toured North Idaho Energy logs and Smith Lake Solar—showcasing the endless bounty of Boundary County Agriculture…