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  Bill #
FB Position
H0051  Support  Dairies, nutrient management plans  31-4-0  61-9-0  LAW
H0066  Support  Bond, levy election disclosures  S 14th Ord  46-24-0  
H0073   Support  Local gov, uniform accounting   26-8-1  54-15-1  
H0091  Support  Wildlife, trapping, baiting  33-0-2  68-0-2  
H0099  Support  Water quality trading  33-0-2  66-3-1  
H0106   Support  Election date, school districts   S St Aff  45-24-1  
H0112  Support  Sales tax rebate, road materials  S Loc Gov  64-3-3  
H0126  Support  Industrial Hemp  S 3rd Rdg  44-26-0  
H0135   Support  Emergency declarations  S 14th Ord  49-20-1  
H0149   Support  Coronavirus immunity, sunset date  32-2-1  62-7-1  
H0167  Support  Dept agri, rulemaking  27-7-1  57-10-3  
H0186  Support  Water rights, federal lands  S 3rd Rdg  66-0-4  
H0211  Support  Property value, assessment  S Loc Gov  62-6-2  
H0218  Support  Personal property tax exemption     H Rev/Tax  
H0223   Support  Ballot collection  S St Aff  56-12-2  
H0252  Support  Property assessments, agriculture  S 14th Ord  70-0-0  
H0266  Support  Cloud Seeding  S 2nd Rdg  54-14-2  
H0278  Support  Property taxes, urban renewal    H Gen Ord  
H0332  Support  Income taxes, rebate  S Loc Gov  58-12-0  
HCR008  Support  Payments in lieu of taxes  S 10th Ord  55-13-2  
HJR002   Oppose  Ballot initiatives, signatures    H W/M  
HJR004  Support  Controlled substances, leg vote    H 3rd Rdg  
S1028  Oppose  Minimum wage, increase  S St Aff    
S1041  Support  Excessive prices, emergencies   34-0-1  61-7-2  LAW
S1044  Support   Eminent domain, limitation  34-0-1  68-1-1  
S1108a  Support   Taxing district, budgets   17-18-0    FAILED
S1110   Support   Ballot initiatives, leg districts  26-9-0  H 3rd Rdg  
S1136   Support   Authority of the governor  27-7-1  H 1st Rdgaa  
SJM102  Support  Supreme court, nine justices   Adopted  H 3rd Rdg  
SJM103   Support  Columbia, Snake Rivers, dams  28-6-1  H 3rd Rdg  
SJR102   Support   Legislature, special sessions  24-11-0    

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