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  Bill #
FB Position
H335  Oppose  Eminent domain, rec trails    H W/M  
H337   Oppose   Minimum wage, political subdivision    H W/M  
H347    Support  Bond elections, eleven months  S St Aff  48-21-1  
H353    Support  Taxing districts, budgets    H Rev/Tax  
H354    Support  Tax district, recover forgone  34-0-1  70-0-0  LAW
H356   Support  Cattle, nutrient plans  35-0-0  68-0-2  LAW
H373    Support  Board of correction, training programs  35-0-0  70-0-0  LAW
H389     Support  Potato commission    H Agric Aff  
H393   Support  School levy, bond elections, dates  S Educ  40-20-5  
H451   Support  Annexation, forest land  30-2-3  67-1-2  LAW
H452   Support  Right to repair act    H Gen Ord  
H489    Support  Cities, annexation  S Loc Gov  53-16-1  
H494    Support  Grocery tax credit    H 3rd Rdg  
H560a   Support  Agricultural land, valuation  30-2-3  67-1-2  LAW
H582    Support  Willful, reckless misconduct  31-1-3  67-0-3  LAW
H592   Support  Stockwater rights  32-0-3  68-0-2  LAW
H617   Support  Administrative rules, expiration  S 14th Ord  57-13-0  
 Support  Cmte on federalism, land payments  S St Aff  56-14-0  
HJM15  Support  NEPA regulations  Adopted  56-14-0  Adopted
S1247  Support  Depredation, wolf-free zones  S Res/Env    
S1317   Oppose   Public lands, streams, interference  S Res/Env    
S1321a  Support  Worker’s comp, aggression  35-0-0  67-0-3  LAW
S1345   Support  Industrial Hemp  27-5-3  H St Aff  
SJM110    Support  Columbia-Snake River System  Adopted  61-3-6  Adopted

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