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Statewide Travel Fund Application

Program Details
For county leaders to be most effective, training and interaction with other leaders is essential. The Idaho Farm Bureau provides excellent training opportunities for its leadership. An important aspect of the training is the interaction between county leaders and their counterparts in other counties, as they share ideas and concerns.

The business and training meetings of the Farm Bureau are enhanced even more when all who are invited can attend. County leaders’ attendance requires hours, even days away from their operations. Some drive many miles to attend. At times, the travel and expense of attending the various meetings of Farm Bureau can be burdensome, especially with the inequality of travel distance within Idaho. Many times, a major portion of the travel expense is reimbursed by the county Farm Bureaus. This can be a burden upon the counties finances, especially for counties that are great distances from the meeting centers.

To encourage greater meeting participation and to relieve the financial burden placed on the county Farm Bureaus, a Statewide Travel Fund program was adopted by the State Board of Directors.

Rules for Elibility

  • Counties with membership fewer than 1,500 members
  • Delegates must attend all sessions of the conference. County Presidents must confirm those who attended all sessions and their position in the county organization.
  • In all cases the county seat town is the measuring point for mileage to the conferences.
  • Travel Fund allowances will be paid by Idaho Farm Bureau Federation directly to the county Farm Bureau based on the number of authorized individuals and those actually attending.
  • The Travel Fund is available for meetings held during the current fiscal year (November 1 – October 31).
  • The Statewide Travel Fund Application for all meetings must be submitted by October 1st of the current year.

For additional information about the program click here or contact your Regional Manager