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County Information

  • County-IDahocover4.jpg
  • There are currently 36 organized county Farm Bureaus who work for the betterment of agriculture in Idaho.

    Under the direction of individual board of directors, each county Farm Bureau provides programs, services, and channels for their local farmers and ranchers to face and solve issues in their regions.  Working through a memorandum of agreement, these county Farm Bureaus form the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation. The organization's influence and structure protect the interest of Idaho agriculture.

    With a grassroots power of over 76,000 Idaho member families, policy generated at the county level serves as the roadmap for the organization.  County Farm Bureaus maintain a relationship with locally elected officials, consumers, educators, and other local decision-making entities to ensure that growing food and fiber in Idaho remains viable.   

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County Contacts/Posted Events

      • Ada
        County Offices:
        30 SW 8th Ave., Meridian, ID 83680; Phone: 208-888-1821; Fax: 208-888-3769
        1250 S. Allante, Boise, ID 83709-1676; Phone: 208-375-3411; Fax: 208-375-2180
        6275 N Linder Rd, Suite 120, Meridian, ID 83646; Phone: 208-898-8848; Fax 208-989-1339
        280 N Linder Ave, Kuna, ID 83634; Phone: 208-922-3600; Fax: 208-922-3601
        2976 E Overland Rd. Suite 120, Meridian, ID 83642; Phone: 208-900-3505; Fax: 208-893-2141

        County Board: President - Neil Durrant (Kuna) 208-941-3239   email

      • Vice President: Patxi Larrocia-Phillips (Nampa), Treasurer; Brad Thornton (Kuna), Leah Clark - P&E (Star), Gale Maslonka (Meridian), Lou Murgoitio (Boise), Bryce Durrant (Meridian), Richard Durrant (Meridian), Mike Wilder (Star), Tyler Reynolds, Glen Edwards.

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      • Adams (combined with Valley)
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      • Bannock
        County Offices: 200 W Alameda, Pocatello, ID 83201-4463; Phone: 208-233-9442; Fax: 208-233-4167
        1414 East Center Street, Pocatello, ID 83201-4106; Phone: 208-478-2300; Fax: 208-233-3392
        4650 Hawthorne Rd, Suite 3B, Chubbuck, ID 83202; Phone: 208-237-2038; Fax: 208-478-1155
        580 Yellowstone Ave, Pocatello, ID 83201; Phone: 208-417-3488; Fax: 208-417-3499
        2601 Pole Line Rd, Pocatello, ID 83201; Phone: 208-244-6202

        County Board:
        President - Brett Casperson (Lava Hot Springs) 208-221-4585   email

        Vice Pres: John Brady (Downey), Treasurer: Dale Wade (Arimo), YF&R Chairs: Matt & Jessica Henderson (Swanlake), Women's Chair-P&E: Karen Brady (Downey), Fred & Stacy Burmester (Downey), Nancy Casperson (Lava Hot Springs), Mike & Wendy Swore (Pocatello), Sherril Tillotson (Lava Hot Springs), Mary Wade (Arimo), Jim & Carol Guthrie (Inkom), Brad & Lori Kent (Arimo), Kyle & Jessica Wade (Downey), Craig & Sandra Smith (Arimo).

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      • Bear Lake
        County Office: 470 Washington, Montpelier, ID 83254-1545; Phone: 208-847-0851; Fax: 208-847-0856

        County Board: President - Albert Johnson (Georgetown)  208-709-6596  email

        Cindy Teuscher (Geneva), Clay Lloyd (Dingle), Cole Smith (Montpelier), Mark Harris (Soda Springs), Philip Ward (Bloomington), YF&R: Jon & Shahna Peterson (Dingle)

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      • Benewah 

        County Office: 

        105 N 8th St, St Maries, ID 83861-1845; Phone: 208-245-5568; Fax: 208-245-5569   

        County Board:  President - Jeff Bloomsburg (Worley) 208-686-1101   email

        Vice President: Keith Daman (Desmet), Sec/Treasurer: Joe Bloomsburg (Worley), Mike Ingersoll (Plummer), YF&R chair: Timothy Daman (Desmet), Dennis Humphrey (St. Maries), Marjorie French (Princeton), Russ Lowry (Plummer).

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      • Bingham 

        County Offices: 

        686 N. Meridian St, Blackfoot, ID 83221; Phone: 208-785-2410; Fax: 208-785-2422 

        66 W Central, PO Box 266, Aberdeen, ID 83210-0266; Phone: 208-397-4111; Fax: 208-397-4112  

        County Board:  President - Ralph Dalley (Blackfoot)  208-604-4096  email

        Vice President: Todd Cook (Blackfoot), Sec/Treasurer: Sara Erb (Blackfoot), Brennen Jones (Pingree), YF&R Chair: Shalissa Nicholas (Blackfoot), Erika Barney (Pingree)Jennifer Cook (Blackfoot), P&E: Joyce Dalley (Blackfoot)Doug Evans (Blackfoot), Chet Nicholas (Blackfoot), Sharon Jensen (Firth), Doug Wixom (Blackfoot). 

        Bingham Facebook page

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      • Blaine/Camas 

        County Office: 

        717 N. Main Suite C, Bellevue, ID 83313-5047; Phone: 208-788-3529, Fax: 208-788-3619

        County Board:  President - Steve Miller (Fairfield) 208-764-2560 email

        Board Members: Sidnee Hill (Carey), Bryan Hill (Carey), Clayton Mecham (Carey), John Saili (Carey), Jeremy Smith, Chance Molyneaux (Carey), Tracy Molyneaux (Carey), Ellie Dalton (Richfield), Rusty Kramer (Fairfield), Mitch Fleming (Fairfield).

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      • Boise(combines with Gem)
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      • Bonner 

        County Offices: 

        920 Kootenai Cutoff Rd., Ponderay, ID 83852-9721; Phone: 208-263-3161; Fax: 208-263-1348 

        302 Main St, Sandpoint, ID 83864-1434; Phone: 208-265-5895; Fax: 208-265-5942  

        County Board:  President - Dan Elliott (Sagle) 208-660-0493  email

        Alton Howell (Careywood), Women's Co-Chair: Arlene Howell (Careywood)Women's Co-Chair: Christine Elliott (Sagle), Fred Omodt (Sandpoint)Travis Thompson (Sandpoint), Kathy Osborne (Ponderay), Randy Poelstra (Sandpoint), Gary Hollett (Priest River). 

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      • Bonneville 

        County Offices: 

        1655 Hollipark Drive, Idaho Falls, ID 83401-2174; Phone: 208-522-2652; Fax: 208-522-2675 

        3456 E 17th, Suite 100, Ammon, ID 83406; Phone: 208-523-0867; Fax: 208-523-5316  

        County Board:  President - Doug Barrie (Idaho Falls)  208-523-6097  email

        1st Vice President: Kirt Schwieder (Idaho Falls), 2nd Vice President: James Williams (Idaho Falls)Mike Marshall (Idaho Falls), YF&R Chair: Ryan Steele (Idaho Falls), P&E Chair: James Williams (Idaho Falls), Brad Reed (Idaho Falls), Galen Williams (Idaho Falls)Lynn Pack (Idaho Falls), Andrew Mickelsen (Roberts), Ray Searle (Shelley), Steven Longhurst (Idaho Falls), Dennis Phillips (Idaho Falls), Owen Scoresby (Idaho Falls).

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      • Boundary 

        County Office: 

        6476 S Main, P.O. Box 1387, Bonners Ferry, ID 83805-1387; Phone: 208-267-5502; Fax: 208-267-5503  

        County Board:  President - John Kellogg (Bonners Ferry)  208-267-2057   email

        Vice President: Sandy Daniel (Bonners Ferry), Treasurer: Mike Riebli (Bonners Ferry), Darcy Lammers (Bonners Ferry), Dave Wattenbarger (Naples), Don Alt (Bonners Ferry), Elizabeth Wood (Naples), YF&R Chair: Jon Riebli (Bonners Ferry), Women's Chair: Kristy Kellogg (Bonners Ferry), Merle Olsen (Bonners Ferry) 

        Boundary Facebook page

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      • Camas (combines with Blaine)
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      • Canyon 

        County Offices: 

        4122 E. Cleveland Blvd., Caldwell, ID 83605-6567; Phone: 208-459-1604; Fax: 208-459-1664 
        1601 12th Ave Rd Ste 101, Nampa, ID 83686-6185; Phone: 208-463-1194; Fax: 208-463-1390 
        1221 N Jacob Alcott Way Ste 1221, Nampa, ID 83687; Phone: 208-461-3214; Fax 208-461-7732 
        525 S Middleton Rd, Ste 100, Middleton, ID 83644-5994; Phone: 208-401-0132; Fax: 208-401-0137  

        1003 7th St South, Nampa, ID 83651; Phone: 505-6363

        County Board:  President - Bobbi Bicandi (Caldwell) 208-899-7223 email

        Vice President: Shane Alder (Melba), Sid Freeman (Caldwell), John Ihli (Caldwell), Roger Batt (Meridian), Secretary & Women's Chair: Kristie Dorsey (Caldwell), Treasurer: Greg Payne (Caldwell), Matt Dorsey (Caldwell), Michael McEvoy (Middleton), Ben Jantz (Nampa), YF&R Chair: Miguel Villafana, Dennis Lincoln.

        Canyon Facebook page

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      • Caribou 

        County Office: 

        240 S Main St, Soda Springs, ID 83276; Phone: 208-547-3315; Fax: 208-547-3316  

        County Board:  President - Lori Anne Lau (Soda Springs)  208-547-3180  email

        Vice President: Stan Wistisen (Bancroft), Secretary: Tracy Lakey (Soda Springs), Women's Chair: Ashley Tingey (Grace), YF&R Chair: Reed Crandall (Bancroft), Chris Banks (Bancroft), Karen Crane (Soda Springs), Todd Holbrook (Bancroft) 

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      • Cassia 

        County Office: 

        444 E. 5th N, Burley, ID 83318-1400; Phone: 208-678-0431; Fax: 208-678-5368  

        County Board:  President - Paul Marchant (Oakley)  (208) 312-0517   email

        Vice President and P&E Chair: Lynn Steadman (American Falls), YF&R Chair: Braylund Sanders (Declo), John Campbell (Malta), Ben Beck (Burley), Brian Darrington (Declo), Fred Darrington (Declo), Earl Christensen (Burley), Nate Garner (Declo), Mitchell Searle (Burley), Thales Zollinger (Burley).  

        Cassia Facebook page

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      • Clark (combine with Jefferson)
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      • Clearwater/Lewis

        County Office: 

        215 Michigan Ave, P.O. Box 472, Orofino, ID 83544; Phone: 208-476-4722; Fax: 208-476-7348  

        County Board:  President - Sheila Hasselstrom (Winchester) 208-791-4915   email

        Vice President: Justin McLeod (Nez Perce)YF&R Chair: Clay Weeks (Lenore), Treasurer: Michael Reggear (Orofino), Zak Ralstin (Craigmont), Eric Hasselstrom (Winchester)Women's Chair: Sheila Hasselstrom (Winchester), Tyler Nelson (Nez Perce), Gina Mosman (Craigmont), Tom Mosman (Craigmont). 

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      • Custer 

        County Office: 

        N Main & Hwy. 93, PO Box 735, Challis, ID 83266-0735; Phone: 208-879-2553; Fax: 208-879-4280

        County Board:  President - David Philps (Challis)  208-589-8987   email

        Treasurer: James Chamberlain (Challis), Vice President: Ryan Hughes (Challis)Barry Sims (Challis), Women's Chair: Cindy Philps (Challis)Kent Moen (May), YF&R Chair: Cody Morgan (Mackay), Tim Kemery (Challis), Lyle Hutchison (Challis) 

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      • Elmore 

        County Office: 

        1010 Sunset Strip, P.O. Box 673, Mountain Home, ID 83647-0673; Phone: 208-587-8484; Fax: 208-587-8121  

        County Board:  President - David Ascuena (Mountain Home)  208-599-0454   email

        Vice-President: Nick Blanksma (Hammett), Treasurer: Chris Alzola (Mtn. Home), Charlie Lyons (Mtn. Home), Joe Harper (Mtn. Home).

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      • Franklin 

        County Office: 

        33 S 1st E, P.O. Box 311, Preston, ID 83263-0311; Phone: 208-852-2364; Fax: 208-850-2365  

        County Board:  President - Jason Fellows (Weston)  208-680-0737  email

        Vice pres- Travis Beckstead (Weston), Ann Moedl (Preston), YF&R Chair: Collin & Andrea Roberts (Weston), Dan Garner (Clifton), Woman's Chair: Sharon Bergquist (Preston), Sue Priestley (Franklin), Doug Rallison (Franklin), Scott Workman (Preston), Lance Zollinger (Preston), Richard Free (Preston), Amy Gittins (Weston), Greg Bingham (Weston), J R Fellows (Franklin).

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      • Fremont 

        County Office: 

        700 N. Bridge St, St. Anthony, ID 83445; Phone: 208-624-3171; Fax: 208-624-3173  

        County Board:  President - Val Hammond (Saint Anthony)  208-716-1144   email

        Vice President: Brody Harshbarger (Ashton), P&E Chairs: Greg & Kate Nedrow (Ashton), YF&R Chair: Curt Stegelmeier (Ashton), Alan Baum, Landon Briggs (St. Anthony), Rick Miller (Saint Anthony), Ben Peterson (Saint Anthony), Curtis Parkinson (Ashton), Luke Davis (Saint Anthony), Nathan Scafe (Ashton),  Dean Schwendiman

        Fremont Facebook page

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      • Gem 

        County Office: 

        1312 S. Washington St. Ste D, Emmett, ID 83617-3516; Phone: 208-365-5382; Fax: 208-365-2465  

        County Board:  President - Clint Rohrbacher (Emmett)  208-365-1740   email

        Vice President: Steven Hovley (Emmett), Treasurer: Terry Jones (Emmett), P&E Chair: Lisa Jensen (Emmett), YF&R Chair: Sheryll Goeckner (Emmett), Garth Frederick (Emmett), Terry Walton (Emmett), Travis Bryant (Emmett), Vaughn Jensen (Emmett), Joel Atkinson (Emmett)

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      • Gooding-Lincoln 

        County Office: 

        135 Country Lane, Jerome, ID 83338; Phone: 208-934-8405; Fax: 208-324-4393  

        County Board:  PresidentPhil Gossi (Hagerman)

        D J & Amber McMurdo (Belview), Dean & Chris Tschannon (Shoshone), Gary Lemmon (Hagerman)Steve Ballard (Gooding)Thomas and Cindy Kinder (Hagerman), Patty Hooper (Bliss).

        Gooding Facebook page

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      • Idaho 

        County Offices: 

        104 S. A Street, Grangeville, ID 83530-1499, Phone: 208-983-2401; Fax: 208-983-2402  

        County Board:  President - Sheryl Nuxoll (Cottonwood)  208-451-5166   email

        Vice President: Mike Frei (Grangeville), Ron & Glenda Frei (Grangeville), Secretary: Tara Stubbers (Cottonwood), Treasurer: Shane Stubbers - YF&R Chair (Cottonwood), Don DeArmond (Grangeville), Felix Nuxoll (Cottonwood), Jim Chmelik (Cottonwood), Eric Forsman (Grangeville). 

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      • Jefferson 

        County Office: 

        102 W. Fremont, Rigby, ID 83442-1311; Phone: 208-745-7776; Fax: 208-745-7786  

        County Board: President - Alan Clark (Menan) 208-317-8560  email

        Secretary/Treasurer: Chad Larsen (Hamer), James Bazil (Rigby), P&E Chair: Adam Clark (Menan) YF&R Chair: Jordan Raymond (Menan), Journalist: Paige Nelson (Rigby), Dusty Clark (Idaho Falls), Bob Ellis (Hamer), Holly Hancock (Rigby), Doris Mortimer (Rigby), Kyle & Kaylnn Cordingley (Rigby). 

        Jefferson Facebook page

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      • Jerome 

        County Office: 

        135 Country Lane, Jerome, ID 83338; Phone: 208-324-4378; Fax: 208-324-4393  

        County Board:  President - Carl Montgomery (Eden)  208-731-0789  email

        Vice-President: Jarrod Jackson (Jerome), Treasurer: Jessica Davis (Jerome), Secretary: Erica Louder (Jerome), Women's Chair: Lola Fitzpatrick (Eden), YF&R Chair: Ben Anderson (Jerome), Evan Kohtz (Eden), Amy Mitchell (Jerome), Joe Miller (Jerome), Tianna Fife (Hazelton), Cole Lickley (Jerome).

        Jerome Facebook page

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      • Kootenai/Shoshone

        County Offices: 

        6912 N. Government Way, Dalton Gardens, ID 83815-8747; Phone: 208-772-6662; Fax: 208-772-2553 

        806 East Polston, Ste. A, Post Falls, ID 83854; Phone: 208-457-8018; Fax: 208-457-0644  

        County Board:  President - Joe Dobson (Hayden Lake)  208-661-0650   email

        Secretary: Linda Rider (Coeur d'Alene), Treasurer: Robert Rider (Coeur d'Alene), Fred Scheffelmaier (Cataldo), Gordon Sylte (Rathdrum), Laurin Scarcello (Rathdrum), Verland & Carla Woempner (Harrison), Chris Kraft (Hayden), Pierce Clegg (Hayden).

        Kootenai/Shoshone Facebook page

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      •  Latah 

        County Office: 

        220 Farm Rd, Moscow, ID 83843; Phone: 208-882-1531; Fax: 208-882-9149  

        County Board:  President - Zane Garner (Moscow)  541-519-3608   email

        Vice President: Travis Port (Troy)Sec/Treasurer: Craig Fleener (Palouse), Lee Horning (Deary), Secretary: Leslie Anderson (Lewiston), Tom Chamberlin (Troy), Garrett Barnes (Moscow), YF&R Collegiate: Chance Smith (Moscow), UofI Collegiate: Dana Reynolds (Moscow), Andrew Saralecos (Moscow), Collegiate Liaison: Gavin Newtson (Moscow). 

        Latah Facebook page

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      • Lemhi 

        County Office: 

        1102 Main St. Ste A, Salmon, ID 83467; Phone: 208-756-3335; Fax: 208-756-3357  

        County Board:  President - Paul Fisher (Salmon)  208-756-3703   email

        Vice President: Wes Mackey (Lemhi), Treasurer: James Whittaker (Leadore), YF&R Chair: Caleb Wallis (Salmon), Chase Whittaker (Leadore), Harley Wallis (May), Steve Johnson (Leadore),

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      • Lewis (combines with Clearwater)
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      • Lincoln (combines with Gooding)
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      • Lost Rivers 

        County Office: 

        225 W. Grand, P.O. Box 824, Arco, ID 83213-0824; Phone: 208-527-3431; Fax: 208-527-3432  

        County Board:  President - Kelsey Broadie (Darlington) 208-313-4392  email

        Vice President: Vice President: David Callister (Howe), Treasurer: Jackie Stewart (Moore), YF&R Chair: Chase & Lacy Nielson (Moore), Carson Kelly (Arco), Larry Quist (Arco), Moj Broadie Jr (Darlington), Brenda Anderson (Darlington), Trent Vanleuven (Mackay), Travis McAffee (Howe), Paige McAffee (Howe)

        Lost Rivers Facebook page

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      • Madison 

        County Office: 

        1116 Bond Ave, Rexburg, ID 83440-3571; Phone: 208-356-4439; Fax: 208-356-4448  

        County Board:  President - Dwight Little (Newdale)  208-351-2592  email

        Vice President: Shaun Blaser (Rexburg),  Treasurer: Ron & Kerry Wilcox (Menan), Brett  Ricks (Newdale), Women's Chair: Jamie Little (Newdale), Hattie Blaser ( Rexburg), Richard Blaser (Rexburg)McKay Anderson (Rexburg), YF&R Chair: Marquee Ricks (Newdale), Hattie Blaser (Rexburg), Julaine Blaser (Rexburg)

        Madison Facebook page

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      • Minidoka 

        County Office: 

        444 E. 5th N, Burley, ID 83318-1400; Phone: 208-678-0431; Fax: 208-678-5368  

        County Board:  President - Larry Johnson (Paul)  208-678-3066   email

        Vice President: Cloy Jones (Heyburn), YF&R Chairs: Damon & Megan Gillette (Paul), Promotions & Education: Kathy Southwick (Rupert)Richard Garner (Rupert), LaNae Nalder (Rupert), Dave Bateman (Rupert), Josh Kowitz (Rupert), Shad Nalder (Rupert), Greg Walton (Paul). 

        Minidoka Facebook page

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      • Nez Perce 

        County Office: 

        2007 14th Ave., Lewiston, ID 83501-3619; Phone: 208-743-5533; Fax: 208-743-5535  

        County Board:  President - Dale Wolff (Kendrick)  208-289-3147   email

        Vice President: Roy Busch (Lewiston), Secretary/Treasurer and YF&R Chair: Colin Wolff (Kendrick), Orland McDowell (Culdesac), Hailey Pearce (Kendrick), Robert Blair (Kendrick), Ray Mosman (Craigmont).

        Nez Perce Facebook page

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      • Oneida 

        County Office: 

        80 E 50 S, Malad, ID 83252-1364; Phone: 208-766-2259; Fax: 208-766-4211  

        County Board:  President - David Baker (Malad)  435-279-6487  email

        Vice President - Dave Colton (Malad), Treasurer - Lin Higley (Malad), Austin Tubbs (Malad), YF&R Chairs: Brayden & Allison Eliason (Holbrook), Josh Paskett (Malad), Mark John (Malad), Mark Jones (Malad)Nancy Asay (Malad), Thomas Maddox (Malad) 

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      • Owyhee 

        County Office: 

        15 E. Wyoming Ave., P.O. Box 1197, Homedale, ID 83628-1197; Phone: 208-337-4041; Fax: 208-337-4042 

        County Board:  President - Hayzen Corder (Marsing) 208-576-0082   email

        Vice President - Tim Lowry (Jordan Valley), Treasurer - Ted Blackstock (Melba), Secretary / YF&R Chair: Spencer McIntyre (Marsing), John Richards (Marsing)Paul Nettleton (Murphy),

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      • Payette 

        County Office: 

        1505 3rd Ave. N, Payette, ID 83661-2852; Phone: 208-642-4414; Fax: 208-642-4415  

        County Board:  President - Mike Shoemaker (New Plymouth)  208-869-2037   email

        Treasurer: Howard Rynearson (Payette), Vice Pres & Women's Chair: Juanita Rynearson (Payette), Secretary: Caitlyn Verbance (Fruitland), YF&R Chair: KJ O'Leary (New Plymouth), JoAnna O'Leary (New Plymouth), Galen Lee (New Plymouth), Chris Hollaway (Fruitland), Greg Willison (New Plymouth).

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      • Power 

        County Office: 

        435 Lincoln, P.O. Box 239, American Falls, ID 83211-0239; Phone: 208-226-5066; Fax: 208-226-7929  

        County Board:  President - Evan Call (American Falls) 208-221-9913  email

        Vice Pres: Greg Anderspon (American Falls) Treasurer: Kryst Krein (American Falls), Clint Call (American Falls), Kyle Matthews (American Falls), Jamie Kress (Rockland), Paul Schmidt (Rockland), Eric West (American Falls), James Udy (American Falls), Stan Schmidt (Rockland).

        Power Facebook page

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      • Shoshone (combines with Kootenai)
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      • Teton 

        County Office: 

        65 South MainDriggs, ID 83422-0067; Phone: 208-354-2775; Fax: 208-354-8114  

        County Board:  President                     email 

        Vice President: Wyatt Penfold (Driggs), Treasurer: Lane Hillman (Driggs), Women's Co-Chairs: DeAnn Waddell & Denise Smith (Driggs), YF&R Chair: Jesse Dewey (Victor), Carl Allen (Victor), Greg Bagley (Victor), John Bevan (Tetonia), Justin Nelson (Victor), Mark Trupp (Driggs), Paris Penfold (Driggs), Rachel Nelson (Victor), Ron Hansen (Tetonia), Ryan Kunz (Victor), Susan Allen (Victor) 

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      • Twin Falls 

        County Offices: 

        2732 Kimberly Road, Twin Falls, ID 83301-8512; Phone: 208-733-7212; Fax: 208-733-6586 
        1008 Burley Ave, Buhl, ID 83316-1812; Phone: 208-543-6438; Fax: 208-543-6439 
        1411 Falls Ave. E. Suite 901, Twin Falls, ID 83301-3404; Phone: 208-733-1329; Fax: 208-733-1926 
        340 Falls Ave, Twin Falls, ID 83301; Phone: 208-734-8788; Fax 208-734-9651  

        County Board:  PresidentLarry Hollifield (Hansen) 208-280-1671 email

        Vice President: Tom Billington (Twin Falls), Secretary: Tyler Hyink (Twin Falls), Treasurer: Brett Meyer (Filer), YF&R Chair: Eric Bennett (Kimberly), East End Representative: Dave Walker (Kimberly), West End Representative: John Ramseyer (Filer), Central Representative: David Patrick (Twin Falls), Member-At-Large: Judy Woody (Filer), Member-At-Large: Rick Brune (Kimberly) , Debera Easterday Reeves.

        Twin Falls Facebook page

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      • Valley/Adams

        County Office: 

        114 N 3rd St. Suite C, McCall, ID 83638; Phone: 208-634-8388; Fax: 208-634-3888  

        County Board:  President - Dean Dryden (New Meadows)  208-347-2445   email

        Vice Pres:  Justin Florence (McCall), Phil Davis (Cascade)Women's Chair: Shirley Florence (McCall), Viki Purdy (New Meadows), Sandy Dryden (New Meadows), Sarah Swain (McCall).  Dave Veselka (Indian Valley),

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      • Washington 

        County Office: 

        682 Appleton Ln, Weiser, ID 83672; Phone: 208-549-1414; Fax: 208-549-1433  

        County Board:  President - Tristan Winegar (Weiser) 208-550-0985   email

        Treasurer: Dan Coleman (Weiser), Brad Roberts (Weiser), Bruce Winegar (Weiser), Bryce Chandler (Weiser), Clint Brown (Weiser), Cody Chandler (Weiser), Dan Sutton (Midvale), Greg Brown (Weiser), Kirk Chandler (Weiser), Scot Hansen (Weiser), Women's Chair: Tricia Roberts (Weiser), Ty Hawkins (Weiser), YF&R Chairs: Justin & Taylor Roberts (Weiser).

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