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  • The goal of Farm Bureau’s Commodity Division is to give Idaho farmers and ranchers the best information and create opportunities that maximize profits.  Farm Bureau organizes and finances marketing seminars throughout the state for its members and facilitates trade missions to other countries to expand new markets for Idaho commodities. 

    Members from all around the state are elected by their peers to serve on commodity committees. Those committees develop recommendations to address the challenges relating to specific commodities.  The recommendations go directly to the Board of Directors.  This is in addition to the regular Farm Bureau policy development process. 


Daily Marketing Report       
    • Regional Grains - May 21, 2019

      Prices will not be updated again until 5/23/2019

      - Soft White Wheat 4.56 up 9
      - Hard Red Winter 4.93 up 5
      - DNS 14% 5.07 up 7
      - Hard White 5.03 up 5
      - Soft White Wheat 4.63 unchanged
      - Hard Red Winter 4.65 unchanged
      - Hard Red Spring 4.65 unchanged
      - Barley 6.25 unchanged
      - Hard White 4.90 unchanged
      - Soft White Wheat   4.88 unchanged
      - Hard Red Winter 4.91 up 2
      - DNS 5.13 unchanged
      - Hard White 5.06 up 2
      - Corn 4.70/8.39 up 6/up 11
      - Soft White 10.5%  5.70-6.00 unchanged
      - Hard Red Winter 5.99-6.09 up 2
      - DNS 14% 6.33-6.43 unchanged
      - Corn 4.82 up 5
      - Oats 260/3.77 unchanged
      - Soft White Wheat 5.70 unchanged
      - Barley   (per ton) 116.50 down
      - Soft White Wheat 4.90 unchanged
      - Hard Red Winter 4.87 unchanged
      - DNS 14% 5.05 unchanged
      - Corn 4.34 unchanged


      Prices subject to change.
    • Grain and Livestock Comparison

      Grain and Livestock Comparison

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    • Hay Report
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    • Dairy Report
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    • Alfalfa & Grass Seed for Sale 
      Alfalfa/Grass Seed for Sale

    • Commodities Conference
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    • Commodity Committees
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    • Commodity Events
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