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Kids sell corn

By: Jake Putnam
Published in Video on  August 11, 2020

Meridian--Each year On Ten Mile road South of Meridian something special happens. It's a fresh-corn selling operation run by the kids of the Big D ranch:

"How much for the corn? Four dollars," said one of the kids of the Corn.

The dozen or so kids take part in every phase of the operation, from harvesting to sorting on the converter belt, to selling and marketing.

"We have our own shifts, and when we are out there we wait for customers to come and we give them the corn." Is it fun? "Yes, so sometimes when its not very hot," said Kara. The Big D kids love the work, and the whole time they’re learning agriculture, and work ethic.

"It teaches them work ethic and math to make change," said Kara Hurst."They're learning multiplication and subtraction and how much to charge for three or four dozen or ears and how much change to give. They're learning customer service, hard work. They're working 2-3 hours a day six days a week, Monday through Saturday," she said.

 The kids will tell you that its 12 ears of corn, four dollars, they earn tip money and the value of hard work. The corn will run till the first week of September, the kids will work right up until school starts earning money for school and learning the value of hard work on the family farm. For the Voice of Idaho Agriculture, I'm Jake Putnam

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