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FAA could ground Ag drones

By: Jake Putnam
Published in Video on  March 12, 2020

WASHINGTON--The Federal Aviation Admin wants to limit drone use on the farm. 

A December proposal by the FAA requires the identification of all drones in flight. The Farm Bureau opposes the proposal and submitted comments to the Agency on the new rule. Farm Bureau Congressional Relations Director RJ Karney

“Law enforcement would be able to locate and identify who it is that’s flying that specific drone. The proposed rule requires that drones use remote identification through two systems, the first being a connection to the internet, the second being a broadcast that comes from the drone itself," said Karney

Karney says many areas of rural America lack internet access, especially where farmers and ranchers operate drones.

“There are concerns with the lack of internet in rural America, and even more specifically, out where the farmer will be operating a drone, which would occur out in their fields, over their ranchlands. This lack of access would ground drones for farmers and ranchers who currently do not have internet access," according to Karney.

Karney says farmers and ranchers need flexibility

“Farm Bureau submitted comments to the FAA to finalize a rule that would provide flexibility for farmers and ranchers who cannot access the internet. So, now we are waiting on the FAA to finalize its proposed rule concerning remote identification," he said.

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