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Koenig Winery Tour

By: Jake Putnam
Published in Video on  September 16, 2019

Caldwell—At Koenig Winery south of Caldwell, plump, purple grapes are ripe on the vine, but not ready for harvest.

“They’re still a few weeks off, said Sydney Weitz Nederend of Koenig-Skoria Vineyards.

“This year’s crop is looking awesome,” said Idaho Wine Commission Executive Director Moya Shatz Dolsby. “We had a slow start, but it’s been very even all summer, which is what we want.”

Farmers are harvesting the first grapes, but at Koenig, the Nederends say they're still 3-4 weeks out before they'll start picking.

"They need a little more time on the vine," said Weitz-Nederend. She says the harvest will start suddenly when the grapes ripen and then they'll work around the clock to get the crop in.

This is a big year at Koenig, the Nederends purchased the Winery last spring and are open daily for tours, lunch and dinner.

"We're thrilled and honored to be carrying on the old world wine traditions that Greg has curated over the years. We actually started this relationship with him six years ago. We needed some help and we found him here and he lent us a helping hand and taught us so much of what we know now," said Sydney.

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