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With the Idaho primary election a month away candidates running for the state legislature in District 9 are out meeting the voters and discussing issues.   We visit a Farm Bureau sponsored candidate forum in Payette County where a large crowd of voters were in attendance.

Repaired Canal

In 2013 a canal feeding water to 18,000 acres of farmland in Gem County begin to fail as it slid away just above a state highway. In the off-season repairs were done to the canal channel and the mountain holding the waterway. Now managers say it's ready to carry water to the crops.

News Release

Idaho Farm Bureau Expands Social Media Reach

Boise—The Idaho Farm Bureau added two new social media properties while re-launching their smartphone application this spring.

“Research has shown that people want their news media delivered on their time,” said Public Relations Director John Thompson. “People want to listen on their schedule, and they want content delivered to their smart phone.”

Earlier this month Idaho Farm Bureau built a new podcast site for their growing radio audience. The Farm Bureau’s Buzzsprout site went live late in March and features statewide agriculture news, feature stories and the latest news from Washington.

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Voice of Idaho Agriculture

Idaho The Sage-Grouse State

Forget potatoes, forget gems, while our state legislators are in Boise this spring they may want to consider an additional piece of legislation declaring Idaho “The Sage-Grouse State.”
It has a ring to it.

Let’s forget about the farms and ranches that form the backbone of our state’s economy and just protect sage-grouse habitat because these birds are more important than any use we could possibly concoct for public or even private land. Let’s forget about the science that shows how range fires are the biggest threat to sage-grouse and how these birds are more prone to congregate in areas where livestock actively graze.

Let’s add in protection of large predators and maybe a few endangered plants, since they’re also more important than the people whose ancestors settled this state.

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Capitol Reflections

Voting Records and Capitol Reflections - Issue 12, 2014 - Final Session Issue

Legislative Voting Records
2013 Voting Records   read more
2014 Voting Records   read more

Capitol Reflections
The 2014 legislative session was productive for the citizens of Idaho and for the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation. Of the 17 items that Governor Otter highlighted in his Legislative Successes press release, four were in direct response to Idaho Farm Bureau’s policies and others support policy principles of our organization.
On at least two occasions, the Governor has used Idaho Farm Bureau as the example of how organizations and individuals can achieve success by working pro-actively and cooperatively, within the legislative process to identify problems and then develop solutions for those problems.

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