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YF&R Competitions



Discussion Meet

The Discussion Meet is a contest promoted by the AFBF Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee. This contest is designed to simulate a committee meeting where discussion and active participation are expected from each committee member.

The contest itself involves a moderator and from four to six contestants. The moderator's responsibility is to introduce the topic and the contestants, start the discussion and keep it on track. The contestants discuss a pre-selected topic.

The three fundamental bases of general discussion are constructive criticism, cooperation, and communication. With this in mind, the participants' responsibility is to exchange ideas and information in an effort to solve a problem. The discussion should not be "conversation" or aimless talk nor should the participant take the role of a persuasive speaker. The participant should attempt to cooperatively shed further light on the problem and tentatively retain a flexible position. A successful participant is a productive thinker rather than an emotional persuader, who is free to state beliefs and change positions whenever new information and ideas make that a reasonable thing to do.

Finally, this is not a panel symposium wherein each participant, in turn, makes a presentation, with the moderator ending the session with a summary. Rather, it is an exercise in cooperative problem solving, with the questions, answers, and statements coming from any quarter at any time.

District 1 November 2, 2018, Farm Bureau State Office - 275 Tierra Vista Dr, Pocatello Participants: From Bannock, Bingham, Caribou, Franklin, Bear Lake, Oneida, & Power Counties Time: 6:30 p.m. RSVP: Ott Clark - 208-569-9284,

District 2 November 2, 2018, Rigby High School Participants: From Bonneville, Madison, Jefferson, Fremont, Teton, Custer, Lost Rivers, & Lemhi Counties Time: 6:00 p.m. RSVP: Tyrel Bingham - (208) 251-6148,

District 5 October 24, 2018, Farm Bureau Latah Office - 220 Farm Rd, Moscow Participants: From Latah, Kootenai/Shoshone, Benewah, Clearwater/Lewis, Boundary, Bonner, Nez Perce, & Idaho Counties Time: 6:00 p.m. RSVP: Bob Smathers - (208) 596-6015,

Collegiate November 7, 2018, University of Idaho Paricipants: University of Idaho Collegiate Chapter Time: TBD Contact: Bob Smathers - (208) 596-6015,

2019 Discussion Meet Questions


Achiever In Agriculture

The Achiever Award is designed to recognize those young farmers and ranchers that have excelled in their farming/ranching operations and honed their leadership abilities to superiority.

The contestants will be evaluated on a combination of their farming operation growth and financial progress of the operation, FB Leadership, as well as leadership outside of Farm Bureau. More specifically, the judges will be looking for excellence in management, growth, and scope of the enterprise and self-initiative that have been displayed throughout the operation. A contestant's participation in Farm Bureau and other organizations is a definite point getter from the judges

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Excellence In Agriculture

The Excellence in Agriculture award spotlights young Farm Bureau members who are agricultural enthusiasts but have not earned a majority of their income from an owned production agriculture enterprise in the past three years.  Competitors are evaluated on their understanding of agriculture issues, leadership experiences, and achievement.  State winners receive a laptop or Ipad and a  trip to the national convention.  

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