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Why not use time at home for Idaho farm kids to produce videos to share their farm stories with other kids from around the country?

Take an Idaho Farm Video
Kids ages 6-18 -- Get your phone or parent's phone and record a video between 30 seconds and 2 minutes that shows something interesting from your Idaho farm. Do you take care of sheep? Do you have a haystack in your barn? Do you see baby cows being born? Old tractor behind the house? Feel free to narrate what is seen. Please, no still photographs for the Idaho Farm Kid Quarantine Challenge.

Different Formats
(1) A child could film and narrate the video simultaneously while showing something on the farm, or (2) a parent could videotape their child talking while showing something on the farm, or (3) a parent could interview a child while videotaping them showing something on the farm.

Parental Permission & Safety

Parents can click on the button below to send the video and sign a form authorizing the video to be placed on the website. Submission may use first name of kids, but for online safety, please do not use last names or identify a specific Idaho town or valley. Video may indicate that one lives in a region such as Southeast, Southcentral, North Idaho, etc., if desired.

We advise that all videos follow farm safety practices. Videos are posted below. Families are also encouraged to share it on their own personal social media. Have fun!!!!!

Click Here to Submit Video/Parental Form

Oliver and his family are #stillfarming 

Olivia and her cow 

Jantz and his horse 

Brayden and Brody & a big o tractor 

Alyssa workhorse training 

Hailey, Sydney & Logan with their goats 

Garrett and his horses 

Hallee and the mixer 

Case and Emilee in the potato cellar 

Blyss and her horses 

Kids on the farm 

Social Media

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