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How Idaho Farm Bureau Policy Is Made

  • Legislative-PolDiag-Step1.jpgIdaho Farm Bureau policy begins when a member has an idea they think will benefit agriculture.
  • Legislative-PolDiag-Step2.jpgThe member discusses the idea with their local county Farm Bureau .   In many cases, this county group may offer insights to help fine tune the proposed policy, which is now referred to as a resolution.  After discussion at a county policy development meeting, the county Farm Bureau members decide which resolutions should be sent to the District Resolutions Committee. Local issues are handled locally.
  • Legislative-PolDiag-Step3.jpgEach county selects two individuals to serve on a District Resolutions Committee.  This committee often finds similar resolutions among neighboring counties and may consolidate them.  After discussion and possible amendment, this group decides which resolutions should be sent to the State Resolutions Committee. 
  • Legislative-PolDiag-Step4.jpgThe resolutions are sent to the State Resolutions Committee, whose job it is to prepare the policies for the Idaho Farm Bureau House of Delegates.  For example, they may combine similar resolutions or may recommend deletion of a resolution if it is already covered in the Farm Bureau’s policy book. Every district elects two representatives to serve on this committee.
  • Legislative-PolDiag-Step5.jpgEach of the 38 organized county Farm Bureaus elect two individuals to serve in the House of Delegates.  At the Idaho Farm Bureau annual meeting, this delegate body discusses each new resolution or proposed change to an existing policy and then votes whether to adopt them into the Idaho Farm Bureau policy book.  Every policy in the Farm Bureau policy book is reviewed and voted on by the delegate body each year.
  • Legislative-PolDiag-Step6.jpgAll resolutions or policy changes receiving a majority vote from the House of Delegates become Idaho Farm Bureau policy.
  • Legislative-PolDiag-Step7.jpgThe Idaho Farm Bureau uses the policy book as a guide to protect and promote the issues and interests of Idaho Farm Bureau members.  As you can see, this is a true grassroots organization.  It is the members at the county level who steer the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation.  



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