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Grazing Survey

2020 Non-Fee Grazing Cost Evaluation Survey

Purpose: As you may be aware, the Idaho Department of Lands has once again begun a process to evaluate the state's current grazing fee formula. Idaho Farm Bureau Federation is conducting this survey to analyze the actual total costs of running on Idaho state grazing leases, aside from just fees, and determine if any adjustments should be made to grazing fees.                                


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Objectives of the survey:

  • Help determine the actual total costs of running livestock subject to leases on Idaho's state endowment trust lands including animal maintenance, death loss, infrastructure, and more.
  • Compile the most recent and relevant data regarding Idaho state land grazing by obtaining costs of the 2020 marketing year.
  • Help determine if any adjustments should be made to grazing fees in the state of Idaho, or if the current rate is adequate.


  • Compile information subject to your non-fee grazing costs in 2020.
  • Return to this page and work through the survey.
  • Enter the most accurate information available to you throughout the entirety of the survey.
  • Indicate from where you would like to receive your gift card.
  • Complete the survey by September 15, 2021.
  • Contact Idaho Farm Bureau Federation with any questions.

If you would like a Farm Bureau Federation Representative to call and go through the survey with you, you can schedule a time by clicking on the button below.

Schedule an appointment here

For your complete participation in the survey, you will receive a $30.00 gift card to a select location of your choosing! Surveys must be completed by September 15, 2021 to be eligible for a gift card.

For More Information Contact:

Dexton Lake – 208-604-5234

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