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Alfalfa & Grass Seed for Sale

For orders and pricing call: Brody Miller (208) 957-1854
University of Idaho: Procedures for Planting Dryland Grasses
 Prices reflect current inventory and are subject to change without notice. Call for current info.

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Western Favorites

Alfalfa - long-term yielding variety

Alfalfa - 3 way blend (Surpass-Perry-Vernema)

Alfalfa - Suitable for all intermountain, irrigated locations

Alfalfa - for when drought stress is of consideration

Hardy Varieties

Alfalfa - "Old Standby" suited to severe climates

Alfalfa - variety for tough climates, forage quality similar to Vernal

Drought Tolerant

Alfalfa - Deep-rooted, dryland variety for rangelands

Alfalfa - tough, winter hardy, drought tolerant

Pasture Mixes

Tall Fescue, Latar Orchardgrass, Profile Orchardgrass, Meadow Brome, Perennial Rye

Same a Grass Pasture Mix with 4% White Dutch Clover

9-11" Rainfall areas. Contains Crested Wheatgrass, Sheep Fescue and Nomad Alfalfa

Profile Orchardgrass, Latar Orchardgrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Climax Timothy

A winterhardy, perennial, cool-season forage grass renowned for producing high quality hay and forage. A great companion to mix with perennial clovers, alfalfa, and orchardgrass

12-14% Rainfall areas. Contains Tall Wheatgrass, Western Wheatgrass, Meadow Brome, Profile Orchardgrass

For Home Yards & Lawns

This mix is the most popular blend for our area. 1/3 Kentucky Bluegrass, 2/3 Perennial Ryegrass

A common turf grass in northern climates

A narrow bladed grass for shady areas under trees. Also used in orchards because of this feature

Also Available

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