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Alfalfa & Grass Seed for Sale 

Prices Updated July 16, 2020

For orders call: Brody (208) 957-1854
University of Idaho: Procedures for Planting Dryland Grasses
List of all available seed
 Prices reflect current inventory and are subject to change without notice. Call for current info.


Per Pound

Per 50 lb Bag

 Link to alfalfa seed information    
Surpass 3.00 150.00
Alfalfa - long-term yielding variety.
Treasure Valley Blend:  3.00 150.00
Alfalfa - 3 way blend (Surpass-Perry-Vernema)
Vernema 3.00 150.00
Alfalfa - Suitable for all intermountain, irrigated locations    
Perry:  3.00 150.00
Alfalfa - for when drought stress is of consideration.    
Vernal: 2.80 140.00
Alfalfa - "Old Standby" suited to severe climates.    
Wrangler:  3.00 150.00
Alfalfa - variety for tough climates, forage quality similar to Vernal.
Ranger 3.00 150.00
Alfalfa - Deep-rooted, dryland variety for rangelands.    
Ladak 3.00 150.00
Alfalfa - tough, winter hardy, drought tolerant.
  Link to Pasture Mix information
Pasture Mixes Per Pound  Per 50 lb Bag
Grass Pasture:  2.50 125.00
University Pasture: 2.50 125.00
Rangeland:  3.75 187.50
Horse Pasture:  2.50 125.00
Climax Timothy:  2.00 100.00
Dryland Pasture Mix: 4.00 200.00
  Link to Yard Grass information
For Home Yards & Lawns Per Pound  Per 50 lb Bag
Lawn Mix: 2.20 110.00
Kentucky Bluegrass: 3.00 150.00
Creeping Red Fescue:  2.30 115.00
Also Available Per Pound  Per 50 lb Bag
Clover: Call for Price Call for Price
Dryland Grass:  Call for Price Call for Price
Misc. Legumes:  Call for Price Call for Price

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