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Podcast:Heatwave blasts Idaho

Published in Podcast on  June 29, 2021

Thanks for joining us and welcome to the Idaho Farm Bureau Podcast, I'm Jake Putnam:

The Summer of 21 will be remembered for the great heatwave. Idaho temperatures are above 100 degrees and could stay there for a while. 

The heatwave is shattering all records in the Pacific Northwest. Stephanie Ho reports:

108?  106 in Boise now, but 108 is unheard of in the Pacific NW. The heatwave is being blamed on an unprecedented  ridge of high pressure and could stay in place a while

This Years July 4th of July cookout may have more to celebrate than just our country's independence. Gary Crawford reports:

And speaking of beef, The American Farm Bureau says the Senates Ag Committee hearing on the cattle market starts a much-needed discussion. Micheal Clements has more from Washington.

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