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Second crop of hay is on!

By: Jake Putnam
Published in Podcast on  July 10, 2020

It’s a warm 62 degrees this morning in Boise and the Treasure Valley. Its a bit colder 55 in Poky and IF. Northern Idaho, 53….its going to be a good farming day with clear skies and hot summer temps in the forecast over the weekend.

Corn trading down this morning. Jul 20 Corn futures open at $3.51, up 3 cents.

The U.S. wheat markets open higher on Friday. SRW wheat was up the most with gains of 7 cents in the front months. HRW wheat was unchanged in July and Sept futures, but the deferred contracts were fractionally higher. HRS wheat futures closed the day with 1 to 2 gains.

Over in Burley:

- Soft White Wheat


up 14

- Hard Red Winter


up 5

- Hard Red Spring


up 7

- Barley



- Hard White


up 5

Milk prices open up at $24.24 per hundredweight, up another couple of bucks from last week.

Live cattle futures open up .90-cent higher this Friday morning. For August fats that added to the weekly gain of 4.7%. Feeder cattle futures climbed to $1.82 higher in the front months. But July 1st Feeder Cattle index was another 8 cents lower, at $129.05.

The second crop of hay is in on across Idaho and looking good, the dry heat perfect for harvest, I saw lots of swathing underway in the Magic Valley. Premium hay prices steady: but demand leveling off with all this inventory.

Supreme 180, premium 170, good and rain damaged 125.00                                                   

That's it for the weekend market report…You can check out the market prices on the Idaho Farm Bureau web page… for the voice of Idaho Agriculture, I'm Jake Putnam

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