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2019 Potato acres: Up or down?

By: Jake Putnam
Published in Video on  September 06, 2019

BOISE - Idaho’s potato harvest is just weeks away, but how big the crop is anyone’s guess.

USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service reported in late June that Idaho farmers planted 315,000 acres, that’s the same as last year. 

United Potato Growers of Idaho issued an acreage estimate that Idaho farmers planted 308,785 acres of spuds, that's down 1-percent from last year.

Why is crop size so critical?—because supply of spuds will impact market prices…too many spuds and prices drop.

So who’s right? United says their fieldmen are on the ground and count every acre.

Farmers report a good crop, despite the late spring. For the Voice of Idaho Agriculture, I'm Jake Putnam

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