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Idaho – The Sage-Grouse State

Forget potatoes, forget gems, while our state legislators are in Boise this spring they may want to consider an additional piece of legislation declaring Idaho “The Sage-Grouse State.”
It has a ring to it.

Let’s forget about the farms and ranches that form the backbone of our state’s economy and just protect sage-grouse habitat because these birds are more important than any use we could possibly concoct for public or even private land. Let’s forget about the science that shows how range fires are the biggest threat to sage-grouse and how these birds are more prone to congregate in areas where livestock actively graze.

Let’s add in protection of large predators and maybe a few endangered plants, since they’re also more important than the people whose ancestors settled this state.

Fed Bashing – Because They Earned It

Fed bashing is a popular endeavor here in Idaho that a lot of outsiders don’t seem to understand. Following, in an attempt to shed some light, is a discussion on taking private property, managing federal property and wildlife management.

BLM Priorities Askew

In its selection process of a route for a massive power transmission line across southern Idaho, the Bureau of Land Management listed eight criteria used in the decision making process.

Memo to Feds: Thanks for a Nice Healthy Pack of Wolves And Knowing What’s Best for Idaho

Wolf recovery in the Northern Rocky Mountains is one of the greatest success stories in the history of the Endangered Species Act – that is unless you live here. In a period of time spanning less than 20 years, our federal government led by then Secretary of Interior Bruce Babbitt and President Bill Clinton, transplanted, recovered, and recently pulled nearly a million dollars in funding for wolf management activities.

Would the Sky Really Fall?

The recent government shutdown has demonstrated an astonishing lack of understanding of basic economic principles by the media and the general public. The old adage is apparently still true, if you repeat a lie enough times most people will believe it.

GMO Labeling: Good Policy or Blind Hysteria?

According to one of the nation’s leading natural food retailers, consumers have a right to know what’s in their food and labeling of genetically altered food is good public policy.

Forest Service Plans More Grazing Cuts

Citing the potential for recreational conflicts with sheep, the Ketchum Ranger District is making plans to cut more grazing on the Sawtooth National Forest.

Transmission Project Threatens Farms, Ranches

An unknown number of unfortunate Idaho farm and ranch families are about to learn the meaning of the phrase “Step back and let the big dogs eat.”

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