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Unity Key for Agriculture’s Continued Success

Clements: At the 2017 AFBF Annual Convention in Phoenix, Arizona, AFBF President Zippy Duvall reflected on his first year as president. He pointed to policy wins in getting a GMO labelling bill passed and a Supreme Court victory over the EPA releasing farmers’ private information under the Freedom of Information Act.

Duvall: It was a real exciting year and I had the opportunity to get out and visit 33 states over the past year and talk to the grassroots and hear about their issues. That’s where you really get the real feeling of what’s going on out there. And then of course, policy-wise, I think on a year that was probably a very difficult economy on our farms, and a lot of politicking going on and not a lot of legislation, I think we had a really successful year.

Clements: He says the AFBF Annual Convention theme, unity, highlighted the importance of everyone in agriculture coming together.

Duvall: There’s a lot of examples of how agriculture’s trying to come together. And I think our biggest challenge is going to be, be unified when we go forward with a farm bill and we got to find common ground in that to make sure that everybody has that safety net that covers them.

Clements: He says farmers and ranchers made their voice heard during the election and he looks forward to them uniting again this year.

Duvall: We’re real proud of them getting involved in the election process this year, together with our farmers and ranchers in rural America and the Rust Belt. And what I want them to understand is our job’s not finished. We’ve just started this movement. We need to make