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Capitol Reflections

Capitol Reflections - Final Issue 2017

In this issue
Sine Die
Transportation Funding
Oil and Gas
Walking the Walk

Capitol Reflections - Issue 10, 2017

In this issue
Income Tax Relief
Two Taxpayer Bills
IFBF Supported Bills
New Oil & Gas Bill
Water Bills

Capitol Reflections - Issue 9, 2017

In this issue
Craters of the Moon
Fish and Game
Water Bill
Oil & Gas
Field Burn
Invasive Species

Capitol Reflections - Issue 8, 2017

In this issue
Craters of the Moon
Gas and Oil
Grocery Tax
Dyed Fuel
Invasive Species

Capitol Reflections - Issue 7, 2017

In this issue
Dyed Fuel
Invasive Species
Salmon Reintroduction
New American Economy
Field Burning
State Water Plan

Capitol Reflections - Issue 6, 2017

In this issue

Legislative Conference

Oil and Gas

National Affairs

Crop Residue

Taxpayer Bill

HJ1 Ag Memorial

Capitol Reflections - Issue 5, 2017

In this issue
Hemp Production
Stockwater Rights
Water Sustainability
Internet Sales
Dyed Fuel Bills
Invasive Species
State Water Plan/Legislators
Oil and Gas Meeting

Capitol Reflections - Issue 4, 2017

In this issue
Park Designation
Minimum Wage
Tax Cut

Capitol Reflections - Issue 3, 2017

In this issue
Big Game Feeding Decisions
Crop Residue Burn
ISDA Rules
Nampa Wastewater Facility
Big Game Winter Feed Report

Capitol Reflections - Issue 2, 2017

In this issue
Crop Residue Burning
Brand Inspection
New Committee Chair
CALS presentation
Livestock Traceability

Capitol Reflections - Issue 1, 2017

In this issue
IFBF Legislative Priorities
ISDA Briefing
Economic Outlook
Medicaid Expansion
New Legislators

Capitol Reflections - Issue 10, 2016 - Final Issue

In this issue
Career Technical Ed
Retiring Legislators
Legislation Tracked

A recap of many of the bills that were important to the members of the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation are included.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 10, 2016

In this issue
Farm Bureau Bills
Catastrophic Public Nuisance
Aquifer Recharge
Port of Lewiston
Fire Suppression
No Additional Federal Lands
Mulitple-Use Lands

Capitol Reflections - Issue 9, 2016

In this issue
Aquatic Invasive Species
Multiple-Use Sustained-Act
Felony Penalties, Companion Animals
Tax Bills
Boating Fees
No New Federal Lands
Crop Burning Residue
Ground Water Bill
Dyed Fuel Update

Capitol Reflections - Issue 8, 2016

In this issue
Public Nuisance
Biosecurity Bill
State Managed Lands
IDA Report
INL Presentation

Capitol Reflections - Issue 7, 2016

In this issue
Transfer of Lands
Companion Animals
ISDA Invasive Species
Law Enforcement
Catastrophic Nuisance
Medical Savings Bill
Apple/Cherry Outlook
Joint Memorial

Capitol Reflections - Issue 6, 2016

In this issue
Cell Phones
Storage Removal
Depredation Hearing
Bees and Beehives
Irrigation and Water Bills
Homeowners Exemption
Commissions Cease
Heavy Truck Bill
Dyed Fuel Enforcement

Capitol Reflections - Issue 5, 2016

In this issue
IFBF Conference
Water Districts
Congressional update
Depredation Hearing
Animal Care
Minimum Wage

Capitol Reflections - Issue 4, 2016

In this issue
Removal from Storage
Financial Condition, Ag
Property Tax Shift
Minimum Wage
Medicaid Expansion
Water Resolutions
Trustee Zones
IFBF Conference

Capitol Reflections - Issue 3, 2016

In this issue
Section 179 Tax
IGWA Legislation
Removal from Storage, IFBF Legislation
ISDA - Methyl Bromide
Dyed Fuel

Capitol Reflections - Issue 2, 2016

In this issue
IFBF New Lobbyist
Truck Registration Rule
Quagga/Zebra Mussel update
IWUA Meets

Capitol Reflections - Issue 1, 2016

In This Issue
IFBF Water Conference Draws Large Crowd
Governor Otter Emphasizes Education Funding
Senate Committees have Replacements and Reassignments
Annual ISDA Legislative Breakfast

Capitol Reflections - Issue 14, 2015 - Final Session Issue

IFBF followed 69 bills during the 2015 session.

The 63rd session of the Idaho Legislature adjourned Sine Die on Saturday, April 11, 2015. The Idaho Farm Bureau Federation
closely followed 69 bills and resolutions during the 2015 session. Ninety-three percent of the bills that were actively worked by IFBF
either became law or were defeated in harmony with IFBF policies. Listed in the attached document are some of the bills followed.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 12, 2015

In this issue
H265a dies in Senate Committee
Sage Grouse Protection Efforts
IWRB Elects New Officers
Recharge First Year
Sine Die
Transportation Bills

Capitol Reflections - Issue 11, 2015

In this issue
Transportation Funding
Public Lands Compact
Rulemaking - IPDES
HJM 11 - Dams
Update on Various Legislation

Capitol Reflections - Issue 10, 2015

In this issue
Senate 1044 Eminent Domain
Senate 1062 Direct Primary Care
Big and Little Wood River
Memorials and Resolutions
Senate 1073 hearing

Capitol Reflections - Issue 9, 2015

In this issue
Senate 1044 Eminent Domain
HJM 8 129,000 Pound Trucks
Senate 1137 Idaho’s Utility Code
Senate 1073 Noxious Weed Removal
H 133 Capital Gains Tax
H 39 Hand Tools Tax
Three Transportation Bills

Capitol Reflections - Issue 8, 2015

In this issue
H146 Off-road Gas
H39 Hand Tools Sales Tax
HJM6 “Genetically Engineered”
S1062 Direct Primary Care
H187 Home Kitchens
Simpson-Risch, Boulder-White Clouds

Capitol Reflections - Issue 7, 2015

In this issue
S1044 Passes the Senate
Minimum wage bill
Repeal Off-road Gas Refund
Water Bills this Session
House Ag Kills FB Bill

Capitol Reflections - Issue 6, 2015

In this issue
Protecting Property Rights
Omnibus Transportation bill
Idaho Dept. Ag request hires
State Success vs Federal Failure
Two Sales Tax Infrastructure Bills

Capitol Reflections - Issue 5, 2015

In this issue
Repeal of IDWR Rule 50
Infrastructure Revenue Bills
Constitutional Carry Bill
H39 Hand Tool Exemption
Off-road Fuel
Director Spackman
IFBF Conference

Capitol Reflections - Issue 4, 2015

In this issue
Protecting Private Property
Re-Appointment of Director Spackman
Island Park Caldera
Federal Lands Committee Report
BYUI Students Visit Legislature
Regulatory Fredom Amendment
Big Wreck Ahead - Transportation

Capitol Reflections - Issue 3, 2015

In this issue

  • Production Exemption
  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • U of I Econ students visit
  • Kasich urges Idaho to join efforts
  • Rangen Water Curtailment


Capitol Reflections - Issue 2, 2015

In this issue

  • Different health care model
  • Rangen Water Curtailment
  • Freshmen Committee Assignments
  • IFBF Freshmen Legislative Luncheon
  • Boulder-White Cloud


Capitol Reflections - Issue 1, 2015

In this issue
Funding for Idaho roads and bridges
Idaho’s stable agribusiness sector
Governor’s State of the State Address
Thank a Farmer
Private Lands, Public Lands and Sage Grouse
History of Idaho Legislature
How to contact your legislator

Capitol Reflections - Issue 12, 2014 - Final Session Issue

Capitol Reflections
The 2014 legislative session was productive for the citizens of Idaho and for the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation. Of the 17 items that Governor Otter highlighted in his Legislative Successes press release, four were in direct response to Idaho Farm Bureau’s policies and others support policy principles of our organization.
On at least two occasions, the Governor has used Idaho Farm Bureau as the example of how organizations and individuals can achieve success by working pro-actively and cooperatively, within the legislative process to identify problems and then develop solutions for those problems.

Voting Records and Capitol Reflections - Issue 12, 2014 - Final Session Issue

Legislative Voting Records
2013 Voting Records   read more
2014 Voting Records   read more

Capitol Reflections
The 2014 legislative session was productive for the citizens of Idaho and for the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation. Of the 17 items that Governor Otter highlighted in his Legislative Successes press release, four were in direct response to Idaho Farm Bureau’s policies and others support policy principles of our organization.
On at least two occasions, the Governor has used Idaho Farm Bureau as the example of how organizations and individuals can achieve success by working pro-actively and cooperatively, within the legislative process to identify problems and then develop solutions for those problems.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 11, 2014

After a long and arduous path, H597 has finally completed the Legislative process. Who would have thought protecting private property rights would be so difficult? This week the Senate passed H597 on a 28-7 vote along party lines, with the exception of Senator Dan Schmidt (D-Moscow) voted in favor and Senator Dean Cameron (R-Rupert) voted against the measure.

H597 now heads to Governor Otter for his signature. Once it takes effect on July 1, private landowners will be able to offer fee based recreational opportunities on their own property without having to obtain a license from the Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board. Six other western states also do not require an outfitters license when services are provided upon private property, including Oregon.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 10, 2014

By all accounts, the events that have lead up to the necessity of HB 571 are difficult to understand and there is blame to be shared on all sides. Without Pioneer Irrigation’s permission and despite judicially established property rights in its canal system, the City of Caldwell in 2006 passed an ordinance requiring adjacent development to discharge storm water into Pioneer Irrigation District’s canals, ditches and drains. Pioneer negotiated with Caldwell for two years to try to bring the city into compliance with Idaho Code 42-1209, accept flood and environmental litigation liability for this urban storm water and indemnify Pioneer to protect it from these risks.

Over the last eight years, very significant attorney costs have been incurred by both parties without resolution. The City of Caldwell has now proposed to condemn using eminent domain, that portion of the irrigation district falling within the city limits.

Norm Semanko of the Idaho Water Users claims that this bill is the most important measure of the session.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 9, 2014

One of the most interesting aspects of the legislative session is the process of amending Idaho’s Constitution. These proposals, when made, will be in the form of a House or Senate Joint Resolution.

This standard is set very high, and any proposal that advances must receive a two-thirds (2/3) supporting vote of the membership of each body; does not have to be signed by the Governor, but is required to be voted upon by Idaho citizens in
the next general election. To amend the constitution, it takes a majority of votes in the general election.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 8, 2014

Property Rights Bill Advances

This week an Idaho Farm Bureau sponsored bill H468 received a “do pass” recommendation from the House Resources and Conservation Committee. H468 is designed to prohibit the Idaho Outfitters and Guides (O&G) Licensing Board from requiring a license when a private property owner offers recreational opportunities for a fee on his own private land.

What started out in 1951 as authority to regulate the narrow field of those who provided guiding services or saddle horses or pack animals to hunters or fishermen in Idaho’s backcountry, has slowly but steadily morphed into an over-reaching agency. This agency now claims authority to regulate any recreational activity anywhere in Idaho whether it is completely upon private property or not.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 7, 2014

This week the House Resources and Conservation Committee approved the Governor’s wolf bill, H470 on a vote of 14 – 4. Those voting against the bill were Reps Mat Erpelding, Donna Pence, Ilana Rubel and Steve Miller. There were more than 50 people who testified, with a pretty even split between those in favor and those opposed. Most opponents attempted to downplay the dramatic increases in the number of wolves and the havoc they have wreaked on our big game herds. They tried to paint the bill as an extermination order, while proponents argued that we would be lucky to maintain current wolf numbers, even with the implementation of H470. Wolves are exceedingly adept at stealth and it is very difficult for hunters and trappers to be successful when pursuing them. H470 simply provides a funding mechanism to pursue other legal, lethal options to maintain and control wolf numbers.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 6, 2014

This week a bill to protect private property rights and prevent anti-agriculture activists from interfering with agricultural operations advanced through the Senate Agricultural Affairs committee. S1337 would prohibit anyone from accessing a farmer’s property, his records or taking audio or video recordings on his property without his express consent. It would also criminalize interference or damage to a farming operation or obtaining employment under false pretenses on a farm.

There was considerable debate in committee from both sides of the issue. Most opponents of the measure continued objected that this would allow farmers to “cover up” inappropriate or unsafe practices. Proponents argued that the bill does not prohibit in any way the ability for someone, even an employee, to contact the proper authorities if they believe something unsafe or incorrect is happening.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 5, 2014

On February 5th, Representative Lawerence Denney alongside 10 other House members announced at a Press Conference in the Capitol that the National Republican Committee has adopted a resolution in support of western states taking back public lands.

The resolution condemns the 1976 passage of the Federal Land Policy Management Act (FLPMA) that ended the nearly two hundred year public policy transferring ownership of federally held lands. Idaho is a 62% federally owned and controlled state and is among other concerned western states including Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, California and Alaska. There is a significant impact on these states and are financially disparaged by the inability to generate jobs and revenue. Each wait to make good on thefederal government’s promise to receive title to these public lands in the same ways other states in the union traditionally have.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 4, 2014

Wolf Bill Introduced Amid Controversy

This week Rep. Marc Gibbs (R-Grace) and Senator Bert Brackett (R-Rogerson) introduced H423, the Governor’s wolf control bill. In his state of the state address, Governor Otter called for the creation of a wolf control fund and a state board to manage the fund. He also recommended a one-time appropriation of $2 million, which would then be augmented by $110,000 each year by the livestock industry. This money would be raised through a $25 increase in the brand renewal fee, which ranchers pay every five years, as well as an increase in the wool assessment of two cents per pound. Sportsmen would also match this ongoing funding dollar-for-dollar to assist with wolf control.

The framework for this agreement was negotiated over the summer with the participation of numerous stakeholders, including Idaho Farm Bureau.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 3, 2014

This year IFBF Governmental Affairs has heard an earful from Legislators who are upset about rules that agencies have proposed, more so than in any other year. Common complaints include: agencies presenting rules to conform with current practices (meaning their current practices are unlawful), agencies seeking to put into rule practices that are clearly outside of their legal scope and authority, agencies not being completely forthright and transparent when presenting the effects of the proposed rules on citizens, and in some instances agencies have even been less than truthful in presenting who was supportive of the rule.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 2, 2014

This week Idaho Farm Bureau was successful in derailing a proposed rule that would have seriously eroded private property rights. The Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board proposed a rule that would have required any person who provides outfitted facilities or services for compensation to be licensed, even if all activities were conducted exclusively upon the person’s own private property.

Many people are under the assumption that outfitted services are only regulated on public lands and only include services such as guiding hunters and fishermen or rafting guides. However, the Outfitters and Guides rules currently include such common Agritourism activities such as wagon rides, trail rides, sleigh rides, back packing, cross country skiing and bicycling, even when these activities are conducted entirely upon private property.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 1, 2014

The pomp and circumstance of the 2014 legislative session took place January 6 as Governor  Otter presented the State of the State Address, with relatively few surprises.

His main areas of emphasis were education, economic development and natural resources and there were several specific proposals that are right in line with Idaho Farm Bureau policies.

Early in his speech the Governor included an important Farm Bureau principle: “I will not sanction growing our State government as fast as our economy.” The governor’s budget calls for a general fund appropriation of $2,885,091,400 for fiscal year 2015, an increase of $104,067,600 or 3.7%.

Capitol Reflections - Final Issue 2013

Initiative bill passes; Health insurance exchange; Transfer of federal lands; Personal property taxes; Agritourism bill approved; Scrap metal theft measure; Trucking legislation.

Initiative bill passes
Idaho Farm Bureau’s bill that requires broader geographic support in the state for an initiative or referendum to qualify for the election ballot has been sent to the governor’s desk after passing the House.

The measure, Senate Bill 1108, was debated on the House floor on March 22 and passed on a 45-21 vote. All but one of the House’s 13 Democrats voted no. They were joined by nine Republicans.

The Senate approved the bill 25-10.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 10, 2013

Health insurance exchange; Initiative bill moves to House; Heavier truck routes; Personal property taxes.

The Idaho House, after debating for about seven hours, voted 41-29 this week to support Governor Otter’s call for a state-based health insurance exchange, a key component of the Affordable Care Act. The state exchange legislation, House Bill 248, was supported by all of the Democrats in the House and 28 of the chamber’s 57 Republican members.

Freshman House members were instrumental in the bill’s passage. Earlier this session, 16 new House members vowed to support the state exchange if provisions they proposed were added to the legislation. Those provisions and some additional changes were incorporated into H248. All but two of those 16 freshman representatives voted for the bill.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 9, 2013

Support for initiative bill; Exchange bill advances; Protection for agritourism; State revenues climb; Land-use planning changes

In a solid show of support, the Senate State Affairs Committee has recommended passage of Idaho Farm Bureau Federation’s bill that would give more voters in the state an opportunity to decide if an issue should be placed on the election ballot through an initiative or referendum.

The committee voted 7-2 this week to send Senate Bill 1108 to the full Senate with a “do-pass” recommendation.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 8, 2013

Initiative bill hearing; Rangeland Center funding; Extension for water permits; Limit on forest fire damages.

A Senate State Affairs Commit-tee hearing on the Idaho Farm Bureau’s bill that would require broader geographic support in the state to qualify an initiative or referendum for the election ballot was extended into this week.

Russ Hendricks, on behalf of the Farm Bureau, presented Senate Bill 1108 before the Senate committee last Friday. Time ran out, and the hearing had to be continued to this week. Mr. Hendricks emphasized that the bill will allow more voters in the state, not just those in heavily populated areas, to consider initiative or referendum petitions.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 7, 2013

New initiative reform bill; Health insurance exchange; Agricultural research budget; Damages for forest fires; accident response fees; Water permit extension

A new bill advocated by Idaho Farm Bureau to require broader support in the state to qualify an issue for the election ballot has been introduced in the state Senate.

Senate Bill 1108, which was introduced by the Senate State Affairs Committee, replaces Senate Bill 1026.

Under the new bill, proponents of initiatives and referendums must collect signatures from 6 percent of registered voters in each of at least 18 of the state’s 35 legislative districts, provided that the total number of signatures equals at least 6 percent of voters in the entire state. The prior bill set the minimum at 22 legislative districts.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 6, 2013

Irrigation water on roads; Health insurance exchange; Accident response fees; 129,000-pound trucks

Two bills addressing irrigation water on the road were introduced this week by the House Transportation and Defense Committee at the request of the Idaho Association of Highway Districts.

House Bill 172 classifies flood or sprinkler irrigation water as an encroachment and public nuisance. The bill allows the county or highway district to remove the encroachment without notice and charge the party owning or controlling the encroachment or the land upon which the encroachment originated.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 5, 2013

Eminent domain measure, Health insurance exchange, Agritourism promotion act, Extension for beneficial use, National immigration reform, Farm Bureau conference.

Eminent domain measure In a 5-4 vote this week, the Senate Local Government and Taxation Committee rejected Senate Bill 1046, which bans the use of eminent domain to forcibly take private property for bike and walking trails.

S 1046, sponsored by Sen. Jim Guthrie (R-McCammon), would have prohibited condemning private property for trails, paths, greenways or other ways for walking, running, hiking, bicycling or equestrian use, unless adjacent to a highway, road or street.” Committee members who voted in favor of the bill were Chairman Jeff Siddoway, Vice Chairman Jim Rice, Steve Vick and Cliff Bayer. Voting against were Brent Hill, Curt McKenzie, Dan Johnson, Elliot Werk and Roy Lacey.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 4, 2013

Health insurance exchange, Eminent domain measure, Rangeland wildfires, Idaho ag outlook

Governor Otter’s proposal to establish a state-operated health insurance exchange was unveiled this week when the Senate Commerce and Human Resources Committee introduced the legislation—Senate Bill 1042. The Idaho Farm Bureau Federation opposes the state exchange.

Under the bill, the state exchange will be overseen by a 16-member board, with 14 voting members, all appointed by the Governor and subject to confirmation by the state Senate.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 3, 2013

Transfer of federal lands; Initiative reform bill; Water Users resolution; Legislative conference

Idaho Farm Bureau Federation policy states that “we support the equal-footing doctrine and insist on the passage of legislation to establish a deadline for complete transfer of public land back to state jurisdiction and management.”

That policy came to the forefront this week at the Idaho Legislature when Utah State Rep. Ken Ivory spoke to a joint meeting of the Idaho House Resources and Conservation Committee and the Idaho Senate Resources and Environment Committee. He told the committees about Utah’s House Bill 148, which became Utah law last year.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 2, 2013

Irrigation district threat, Idaho ag's financial condition, Landowner hunting tags, Ag Department briefing

Agriculture in Canyon County is under assault through an unprecedented legal attempt by the city of Caldwell to take over, by force, an extensive portion of an irrigation district and its water rights.

The city has filed legal action seeking to use the power of eminent domain to acquire a 10,000- acre portion of Pioneer Irrigation District, including the district’s drains, water delivery canals, water rights and reservoir storage. The city’s condemnation lawsuit is the latest and most extreme maneuver in a long-standing legal dispute over whether the city can dump storm water into the irrigation district’s canals and drains, jeopardizing the district’s ability to serve its customers.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 1, 2013

Rangland fire protection; Agriculture research funding; More on Governor's budget; Water Board appointments

Responding to the need for more local authority to fight wildfires on public lands, Governor Butch Otter has recommended that the Legislature appropriate $400,000 in start-up costs for four volunteer Rangeland Fire Protection Associations, like the one created by ranchers in the Mountain Home area last summer.

The governor highlighted the recommendation in his State of the State and Budget Address to legislators, which kicked off the 2013 legislative session this week. He mentioned the death of Anne Veseth, a 20-year-old college student from Moscow who was killed last summer while working as a seasonal firefighter for the Forest Service in Clearwater County.

Capitol Reflections - Final Issue - March 30, 2012

Session ends with tax relief; Animal cruelty legislation; Wind farm moratorium; Limit on crash response fees; Spending limitation stalls; Private propery rights; Summary of legislation tracked by Idaho Farm Bureau.

Session ends with tax relief
The Idaho Legislature wrapped up the 2012 session after the Senate voted 28-7 to approve House Bill 563, which provides $35.7 million in corporate and personal income tax relief.

The bill, promoted by Governor Butch Otter, was among the final pieces of legislation to be processed before lawmakers left town, with many of them not coming back because of retirement and others hitting the campaign trail for the May 15 primary election.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 11, 2012

Texting while driving; Barley assessment measure; Spending limitation; Levy and bond elections; Dairy presentations.

Levy and bond elections
Two bills that would ensure that voters have essential information regarding bond and levy elections received final legislative approval this week.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 10, 2012

Oil and gas bill clears Senate; Animal legislation; Barley measure progresses; Wheat bill goes to Governor; Bill targets accident taxes; H-2A visa program; Wolf delisting upheld.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 9, 2012

Sage grouse task force; Spending limitation hearing; Oil and gas bill; Trucking coalition report.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 8, 2012

House approves tax relief; Hearing on oil and gas bill; Funding for ag research; Barley assessment measure; Memorial targets ESA

Capitol Reflections - Issue 7, 2012

Wind Farm moratorium; Landowner tag bill fails; Animal cruelty measure sails; Oil and gas bill clears House; Eminent domain legislation; Wheat assessment advances; Bond election transparency.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 6, 2012

State spending limitation; Landowner appreciation tags; Stray livestock fund; Animal cruelty felony; Foreign trade reports.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 5, 2012

Taxation Committees; Wheat assessment bill; University Center; Oil and Gas legislation; Barley Commission bill.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 4, 2012

Wheat assessment bill; Irrigation bills introduced; Aquifer recharge program; Reapportionment plan; College ag students; Fish and Game Department.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 3, 2012

Topics of interest: Ag Research and Extension; Legislature's revenue figure; Labor study presentation; Personal propery tax.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 2, 2012

Redistricting Plan; Oil and Gas Regulations; IFBF Legislative Conference; Invasive mussels

Capitol Reflections - Issue 1, 2012

State of the State message; Budget items of note; U.S. Rep. Simpson lauded; Report on ag eceonomy.

Capitol Reflections - Final Issue - 2011

Right to Farm supported; Wolves declared disaster; Eminent domain bill killed; Summary of bills from 2011 Idaho legislative session; Alternative energy tax rebate; Ag-backed bills succeed; New House Ag chairman; Merchant transmission lines.

Capitol Reflections - April 1, 2011

The government affairs newsletter will not be distributed this week because the legislative session is moving toward adjournment. We plan to publish a final newsletter when the session comes to a close.

Issue 10, 2011 Confidentiality measure; Eminent domain vote; Fees for public records; Ag Department rulemaking; Appeals court reins in EPA.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 9, 2011

Eminent domain bill altered; Indefinite hold on fuel bill; PUC peak-rewards decision; House passes right to farm; Farm vehicles on highways; Regulation of poultry.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 8, 2011

Right to Farm bill modified; Mandatory ATV training; Measures target 'wild lands'; Property-rich school districts; Farm Bureau presentation; Land use planning and ag.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 7, 2011

Ag research funding; Eminent domain limitation; another eminent domain bill; Dyed fuel bill stalled; Hearing on right to farm bill; Bill on federal health care dies.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 6, 2011

Misguided fuel tax bill; Right to farm legislation; Brand fee measure; Urban renewal accountability; Trade presentations; House: Health care law void.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 5, 2011

Highlights of FB conference; Update from Congress; Voiding federal health care; Aquculture Commission.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 4, 2011

State revenue fluctuations; Meeting with President sought; Water Resources budget; Immigration presentation; District 31 Senate seat filled; Urban renewal reform bills.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 3, 2011

Pumpers' comments sought; Ag research and extension; Public lands grazing backed; Farm Bureau legislative event; Nullification of health care law; New wolf bill in Congress.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 2, 2011

Alternative energy incentive; Opposition to 'wild lands'; Sen. Geddes will be missed; IFBF hosts new legislators; Ag department presentation; Education reform proposal.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 1, 2011

Governor's address; Budget Recommendations; Idaho ag's financial condition; BLM "wildlands" directive.

Capitol Reflections - Final Issue 2010

Senate Ag panel chairman's bills blocked in House; Two bills backed by Farm Bureau gain legislative passage; Senate panel rejects measure to tighten improvement district law; Idaho Farm Bureau scorecard for 2010 Legislature; Bills on secured loads, vehicle inspections die in House; Changes to Soil Conservation District law approved;

Capitol Reflections - Issue 10, 2010

Tribal law enforcement; Idaho health freedom a first; Taxes on internet, catalog sales; Privacy for hunters

Capitol Reflections - Issue 9, 2010

Immigration measure dies; Idaho Firearms Freedom Act; Tribal law enforcement; Drug testing welfare recipients; Beef CAFOs and confidentiality

Capitol Reflections - Issue 8, 2010

Soil Conservation District law; Invasive species enforcement; Livestock care standards board; Texting while driving; Equal Access to Justice Act; Health care networks

Capitol Reflections - Issue 7, 2010

Emergency responders; Voter identification; Animal cruelty measure; Funds for log-scaling; Harassment of wolf hunters

Capitol Reflections - Issue 6, 2010

Support for horse processing; Idaho Health Freedom Act; Opposition to cap and trade; Soil Conservation Commission; Immigration measure fails; Livestock research center

Capitol Reflections - Issue 5, 2010

Local improvement districts; Miss Idaho's promotion of ag; Photo ID for voting; Clean Water Act expansion; More immigration legislation; Tribal law enforcement

Capitol Reflections - Issue 4, 2010

Endowment land leases; Immigration legislation; Proposal on animal-care laws; Immigration Reform Coalition

Capitol Reflections - Issue 3, 2010

Invasive species rules; Livestock waste stockpiling; Monsanto developments; Lease rules for state lands

Capitol Reflections - Issue 2, 2010

Health Freedom Act; State revenue projection; Endangered species report; Transportation report; Animal care proposal

Capitol Reflections - Issue 1, 2010

No surprise at Statehouse: It's all about budget woes; Farm Bureau legislative conference features Statehouse tour; U of I releases annual financial report on Idaho agriculture; Members can be legislative 'interns'

Capitol Reflections - Fall Issue 2009

Possible closure of ag research centers draws scrutiny; Proposed state rule creates setbacks for livestock waste; Farm Bureau members rally in support of Monsanto mine; IFBF engaged in talks over proposed impact fee; Farm Bureau hosts ag tours for Congressman Minnick; Aquifer plan focus of interim legislative committee meeting; State Senate ag chairman drafting legislation on animal care; New strategy replaces national brucellosis elimination zone; Wolf hunt survives, but court case remains.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 11, 2009

Legislature adjourns after compromising on road funds; New bill on election consolidation passes in final days.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 10, 2009

Political showdown leads to legislative slowdown; Bill Summary for 2009 Legislative Session; ATV registration and insurance requirements have changed; Court ruling on permits for pesticide use challenged by industry; New law serves as a warning about proper use of dyed diesel.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 9, 2009

Idaho Power drops objection to Swan Falls Agreement; No consensus yet on major transportation funding bills; Livestock-related measures head for final legislative approval; House approves new bill on aquifer management plan; Legislators hear update on new crop residue burning program; Election consolidation fails in Senate committee; Memorial urges Congress to reject ban on horse processing; Utility growth measure held for further discussion; Other bills of interest, including immigration and scrap metal; Congress passes Owyhee Initiative.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 8, 2009

Interior Secretary Salazar okays delisting of gray wolf; House overwhelmingly passes bill to consolidate elections; Bills fixing ATV registration and insurance progress; House committee continues debating transportation bills; Bill designed to deter metal theft passes committee; Bill directs board to develop funding method for aquifer plan.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 7, 2009

Election dates would be consolidated under House bill; Committee begins review of transportation funding bills; New bill has civil penalties for illegal use of dyed diesel; Summary of measures dealing with agriculture; Beef check-off measure sent to House floor for vote; AFBF defends direct payments.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 6, 2009

IFBF organizes range presentations for ag committees; Bill on scrap dealer transactions seeks to deter theft; Invasive mussels pose huge threat to Idaho waters; More transportation funding bills added to mix; Senator Crapo agrees to assist ranchers with legal bill.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 5, 2009

Transportation debate underway as 11 bills introduced; Bill clarifies who can enter into conservation agreements; Load-securement bill receives Senate committee approval; House memorial expresses frustration with delay in wolf delisting; Bills seek to clarify mess surrounding ATV registration; Idaho beef check-off measure introduced in House; Repeal of farm produce dealer law passes Senate ag panel; BPA says it wants to increase wholesale power rates; USDA forecasts decline in net farm income.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 4, 2009

Ag committee hear about need for immigration reform; Ag is top contributor to Idaho's economic base; Bill would allow hook-up fees for new utility customers; Irrigators hit with 6 percent increase in Idaho Power Co. rates; Bill proposes to streamline electrical transmission permits; CAFO measure introduced in Senate.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 3, 2009

Legislators briefed on Monsanto's plans for new mine; Budget cuts will force closure of some ag research centers; Wolf delisting on hold while Obama administration deliberates; Governor Otter: Time to close this chapter on wolves; University reports on financial status of Idaho ag; Bill would repeal law licensing farm produce dealers; Bill seeks to preserve range jobs at ISDA.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 2, 2009

Results of Idaho Transportation Department audit revealed; Sheep producer presents case before Senate panel; Tax Commission bills target bio-diesel and dyed diesel; Proclamation honors national YF&R Discussion Meet winner; Backers of aquifer plan seek to maintain momentum.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 1, 2009

Governor: It's our responsibility to prepare for the worse; Governor details transportation revenue plan; Membership of key legislative committees; DEQ to offer field-burning training sessions in Southeast Idaho; State of Agriculture in Idaho; Lands bill containing Owyhee Initiative sails through U.S. Senate; Second wolf delisting announcement greeted with frustration; IFBF Legislative conference to held.

Capitol Reflections Final - Issue 11, 2008

Legislators OK bills aimed at improving state's water situation; Harmful bills fortunately never got past introduction; Legislators help pave the way for crop residue burning to resume; How livestock, wildlife and land-use issues fared in session; Legislature declines to raise revenue for transportation needs; A summary of other legislation tracked by IFBF; Personal property tax compromise approved.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 10, 2008

Legislators continue to grapple with transportation funding; Roundup of other bills of interest to Idaho Farm Bureau; Budget panel OKs money to study new water storage projects; Bills on North Idaho water rights adjudication clear Legislature; Phase-out personal property tax debated.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 9, 2008

New crop residue burning program signed in to law; What to do about transportation funding takes center stage; Final approval to bill establishing statewide aquifer program; Bill to phase out personal property tax moves forward; Proposal to create domestic elk council fails in Senate; Tax Credit protect working lands stalls.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 8, 2008

House moves quickly on crop residue burning measure; Proposals to raise funds for transportation unveiled; Bill lets property owners weigh in on local improvement districts; Budget committee OKs $20 million for statewide aquifer program; Measure gives taxpayers more say on government spending; Committees learn of trade efforts with Asia

Capitol Reflections - Issue 7, 2008

Studies for new water projects endorsed by Idaho House; Parties agree on legislation aimed at restoring field burning; Measure provides needed clarification to annexation law; Bill on CAFO hearing testimony bill introduced again; Senate passes 3 bills on North Idaho water rights adjudication; Sponsor yanks bill declaring milk official state beverage; Animal-remidies bill fails in House

Capitol Reflections - Issue 6, 2008

Senate committee presentations focus on grazing, wildfires; Proposed amendment preserves Idahoans' right to hunt, fish; Bill requires super-majority vote for local improvement district bonds; Farm-City event recognizes link between urban and rural economies; Committee rejects legislation to halt North Idaho adjudication; Bills on warehouse and commodity dealer licensing advance; Bill adds wolves to depredation control

Capitol Reflections - Issue 5, 2008

Timing right to study additional water storage projects; Bill seeks to sustain working lands through voluntary tax incentive; Bill creates domestic cervidae council, assessment; Bill on statewide aquifer planning clears House by vote of 68-0; Legislative conference draws more than 100 IFBF volunteers; Committee set to debate North Idaho water rights adjudication; Rangeland license plate bill proceeds

Capitol Reflections - Issue 4, 2008

House panel endorses statewide aquifer program; Progress made in eradication of aquatic week, but more funds needed; U of I officials present agricultural update to legislators; Summary of additional bills of interest; Bill to increase grocery tax credit held in House committee

Capitol Reflections - Issue 3, 2008

Hearing date set for North Idaho water rights adjudication; Committee approves funding bill for animal health program; Proposed amendment on endowment lands rejected; House committee protects sales tax exemptions; State government adjusts to new quarters; Idaho, state of Washington agree to collaborative aquifer modeling.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 2, 2008

Agenda set for IFBF Legislative Leadership Conference; Senate committee briefed on aquifer funding request; Transition to renewable fuels accelerates across Idaho; Oil companies pull back refinery expansion plans; Survey reveals attitudes on Idaho public policy matters; IFBF participates in legislative meeting with PNWER officials; What's the Grand Canyon got to do with agriculture?

Capitol Reflections - Issue 1, 2008

Highlights from Governor's State of the State message; Federal energy law calls for aggressive use of bio-fuels; Legislators will grapple with funding for transportation; IFBF submits comments on state wolf management plan; Governor supports in-depth aquifer studies

Capitol Reflections - Issue 10, 2007

Legislature appropriates $10 million for livestock research center; Additional pilot project routes for 129,000-pound trucks approved; Bio-fuel matching grant program sails through Legislature; Lawmakers okay Rural Development Partnership Act; Tax Credit for bio-fuel infrastructure becomes law; Noxious weed fight gets additional state funding; Governor signs bill amending wildlife habitat tax law; Bill protecting animal lab test results achieves final passage; Legislature allocates $850,000 to complete aquifer management plan; Elk industry's bill dies amid a combination of opponents; Unnecessary Senate bill on CAFO testimony stalls in House; Summary of other bills of interest.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 9, 2007

Further details on Idaho Supreme Court's water decision; Biofuels tax incentive gains committee endorsement; County action negates need for bill on CAFO testimony; Grant program will help retailers offer alternative fuels; Bill on animal-remedy fees fails in Senate committee; Now's the time to officially support delising of wolves; Wolf-hunting measure awaits governor's signature; Wildlife habitat tax measure heads toward passage; Senate committee set to vote on truck measure.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 8, 2007

Idaho Supreme Court: Conjunctive management rules constitutional; House unanimously approves H117, bio-fuel investment tax credit; House OKs bill clarifying tax law for wildlife habit; Wolf-hunting measure moves forward in House; Interim committee would evaluate woody biomass; Rural Development Partnership Act faces questions in Senate; Bill protects privacy of routine lab test results; JFAC approves appropriation for livestock research center; Appropriation recommended for aquifer plan

Capitol Reflections - Issue 7, 2007

House panel approves grant program for bio-fuel infrastructure; Bio-fuel investment tax credit advances to floor; House bill clarifies wildlife habitat tax law; Elk industry's bill sent to House after approval by Senate; Bill on who can testify at CAFO hearings passes Senate; Bill sets animal-remedy fees to make up for lost revenue; Status of other measures tracked by IFBF

Capitol Reflections - Issue 6, 2007

Bill creating wolf tag moves to Senate floor; Bill targets law limiting CAFO hearing testimony; Senate committee passes elk industry's licensing bill; Personal property tax relief takes first step; House passes Idaho Rural Partnership bill

Capitol Reflections - Issue 5, 2007

Bio-fuel bills implement state energy plan recommendations; Increased penalties sought for irrigation flooding on highways; Measure creates gray wolf tag to prepare for delisting; Bill has overly broad restrictions on securing loads on vehicles; Senate Ag Committee considers domestic elk bills; Food tax credit moves forward

Capitol Reflections - Issue 4, 2007

Idaho Supreme Court clarifies open-range law; Potato Commission proposes higher assessment; Committee turns down dog-fighting measure; Coggin's test results now good for 12 months; Court orders EPA to reconsider grass field burning; House Agriculture Committee rejects industrial hemp memorial; Survey: Idahoans strongly support incentives for renewable energy; IFBF leaders meet with legislators

Capitol Reflections - Issue 3, 2007

Interim committee backs incentives for alternative fuels; Federal government begins process of delisting wolf; President Bush pushes expanded bio-fuels program; Survey shows drivers willing to switch to bio-fuels; Banning elk farms lacks public support; Appeals process for state grazing leases implemented; Ag dean promotes proposed livestock research center; Bill seeks confidentiality for lab records; New legislators attend IFBF luncheon

Capitol Reflections - Issue 2, 2007

Joint Committees hear domestic elk update; Report suggests that high corn prices not a cause for alarm; Tax credit proposed for preserving working lands; Senate Agriculture Committee hears presentation from IFBF; New evidence rebuts claims that dam breaching needed for salmon; Idaho State Department of Agriculture briefs legislators; Congressman schedules Farm Bill meetings.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 1, 2007

Governor promotes livestock research center; Executive order sets renewable energy goal for state; Highlights from Governor Otter's State of the State Message; Legislators set to approve new state energy plan; Ag Committees hear Idaho agriculture financial report for 2006; Idaho net farm income details; IFBF Legislative Conference set for January 30-31

Capitol Reflections - Fall Issue 2006

Incentives for bio-fuels proposed for state energy plan; Legislature will have large freshman class; Ag benefits under property tax relief plan; Idaho says no to program that could pave way for coal-fired plant; Court rules against confidentiality of nutrient plans; ISDA wants to expand noxious weed list; Idaho congressmen oppose ban on horse processing.

Capitol Reflections - Fall Issue 2006

Incentives for bio-fuels proposed for state energy plan; Legislature will have large freshman class; Ag benefits under property tax relief plan; Idaho says no to program that could pave way for coal-fired plant; Court rules against confidentiality of nutrient plans; ISDA wants to expand noxious weed list; Idaho congressmen oppose ban on horse processing.

Capitol Reflections - Fall Issue 2006

Incentives for bio-fuels proposed for state energy plan; Legislature will have large freshman class; Ag benefits under property tax relief plan; Idaho says no to program that could pave way for coal-fired plant; Court rules against confidentiality of nutrient plans; ISDA wants to expand noxious weed list; Idaho congressmen oppose ban on horse processing.

Capitol Reflections Final - Issue 13, 2006

Legislature shifts property-tax burden in final hours; Idaho Power, state reach agreement on recharge; Legislative votes on key measures; Summary of legislation of interest to IFBF; Additional eminent-domain bills pass on session's last day.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 12, 2006

Debate on property taxes extends Legislative session; After lively debate, Senate rejects aquifer-recharge bill; Psychological-injuries bill fails in House panel; Legislature okays help for short-line railroads; Ag department gets $4 million to combat aquatic weed; IFBF supports delisting wolves in the northern Rockies

Capitol Reflections - Issue 11, 2006

Idaho Power intensifies its opposition to recharge; Property tax proposals on roller-coaster ride; Measure protects ag property from eminent domain; Final approval expected for repealing developers discount; Pesticide-posting bill dies in House Ag Committee; Several primary races for open legislative seats; IFBF supports removing grizzlies from endangered list

Capitol Reflections - Issue 10, 2006

Recharge at stake in major Statehouse water battle; Pesticide-posting bill scheduled for hearing in House; Bill restricting eminent domain sent to governor; Developer's discount for property taxes headed for repeal; Historical preservation measure dies in House committee; IFBF continues to promote benefits of ethanol; Panel kills memorial urging delay in national animal ID; CRP burning gets final legislative approval

Capitol Reflections - Issue 9, 2006

Ethanol Bill dies in House committee; New pesticide posting bill still unacceptable; Burning of CRP land gets committee recommendation; Bill on state's water authority passes House committee; List of legislators who will not seek re-election grows; Senate urged to broaden property tax relief; Historic Preservation Office bill to be amended

Capitol Reflections - Issue 8, 2006

House unanimously approves ethanol bill; Bill requiring notification of field burning fails; Fish and Game wolf control proposal on brief delay; Committee rejects pollution-control tax exemption; No hearing on excessive pesticide-posting bill; State Historic Preservation Office seeks more power; House Speaker Bruce Newcomb to retire

Capitol Reflections - Issue 7, 2006

Senate passes IFBF-backed ethanol bill by wide margin; Ethanol companion bill sent to House floor; Bill clarifying water department's authority passes; House measure allows burning on CRP lands; Ethanol-blended fuel fine for use in any vehicle; Dog-fighting bill held in House committee; Bill on pesticide posting requirements not needed; IFBF seeks more information on Sempra proposal; Senate and House ag chairs to step down

Capitol Reflections - Issue 6, 2006

House passes series of property-tax bills; Memorial urges delay in federal arsenic standard; Speaker's eminent domain bill goes forward; Forest Service official questioned about helicopters; Ethanol vote up for vote before full Senate; Panel okays exemption for pollution-control equipment; Committee holds price-gouging bill

Capitol Reflections - Issue 5, 2006

Ethanol bill heads to Senate floor after clearing committee, Panel to consider field-burning notification measure, House committee trims list of property-tax bills, Aquatic weed poses significant threat to Idaho, House speaker fine tunes eminent-domain measure, Historic Preservation Office back before Legislature, Price gouging by farmers?

Capitol Reflections - Issue 4, 2006

Hearings on property taxes continue, Bill seeks North Idaho water rights adjudication, Ethanol bill revised to address some concerns, Ban on elk imports fails in Senate committee, Bill would allow change in irrigation district voting, Legislators push for immediate wolf delisting, Legislators brief Farm Bureau members at conference, You're never to young to be a legislative intern.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 3, 2006

Access for sportsmen topic of lengthy hearings, House committee begins to tackle numerous property-tax bills, Business group takes neutral stand on ethanol, Bill clarifies tax exemption for pollution-control devices, Splitting developer's discount-ag exemption gains support, Sen. Crapo holds meeting on bill to reform ESA, Proposal calls for disclosing field burning information, Amendment proposed for eminent domain

Capitol Reflections - Issue 2, 2006

Ethanol legislation introduced, IFBF warns House panel about property-tax shift, Secretary of State proposes election-law changes, Agriculture committees receive rules on plants, Idaho seeks permit to manage wolves, Water worries not over yet, Eminent-domain bills, Wide vehicle rule dies

Capitol Reflections - Issue 1, 2006

Property Tax Reform Loses Some Steam, Ag Department Drops Proposal To Split Vet's Duties, Crackdown On Eminent Domain Attracts Support, Idaho Working to Regain Brucellosis-Free Status

Smoke Management - Training and Certification

During the 2005 legislative session, H35 was introduced and defeated in the House Agriculture Committee. H35 expanded Idaho Department of Agriculture’s Smoke Management Program to all of Idaho

End of 2005 Legislative Session

The 2005 Idaho Legislature ended on the 87th day after passing an amended version of the Governor’s GARVEE $1.6 billion bill, moving the last water bills, and replacing five of the eight vetoed bills. A total of 641 bills, resolutions, and memorials were printed with IFBF taking positions on 103 and monitoring 18. Of the 103, IFBF lost nine and won 94 for a 91.2% success rate.

Vetoing Frenzy by Governor Kempthorne

In retaliation for the House Transportation Committee vote to hold Governor Kempthorne’s “Legacy” GARVEE bonding bill, S1183, on Thursday he went on a vetoing frenzy.

Three More Water Bills -- H 372, 373, 374

Three water bills aimed to ease the water crisis for the Eastern Snake River Plain have been printed, heard in the House Resource Committee, and amended on the House floor within three days.

H152, 153, 154 Nez Perce Agreement Passes Senate

The Senate passed the three Nez Perce bills to ratify the agreement, set minimum streamflows on over 200 streams, and for thirty years provide each year up to 487,000 acre feet of irrigation water for the failed experiment of fish flush 27 to 7.

Nez Perce Agreement in Senate State Affairs Committee

The Senate State Affairs Committee held an all day hearing this week on the Nez Perce Agreement at Boise City Hall. Over 100 people attended and testified from throughout the state.

Nez Perce Agreement Passes House Floor -- H 152, 153, 154

The Nez Perce Agreement passed the House Floor 55-14 with 1 absent.

U.S. Supreme Court Hears Water Takings Case

A private property case regarding the issue of taking California farmers’ irrigation water for fish is now before the US Supreme Court.

Nez Perce Agreement Hearings

The House Resource Committee will hold two days of hearings on the Nez Perce/Snake River Water Agreement bills.

Final Week to Introduce Legislation

This was a busy week for print hearings. Friday, February 11 was the last day for all legislative committees to print legislation.

Legislative Leadership Conference and Strolling Buffet

The annual IFBF Legislative Leadership Conference was held in Boise Feb. 1 and 2 with an excellent attendance from members throughout the state.

Rules Oversight

Legislative committees are continuing to meet in determination on agency rules being accepted or rejected.

2005 Legislative Session Off and Running

The 2005 Legislative session is off and running. Legislative committees have started meeting, listening to agency directors and the various commissions for informational sessions.

2005 Legislation

IFBF will be working on numerous pieces of legislation this session with our allies.