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Capitol Reflections

Capitol Reflections - Issue 7, 2015

In this issue
S1044 Passes the Senate
Minimum wage bill
Repeal Off-road Gas Refund
Water Bills this Session
House Ag Kills FB Bill

Capitol Reflections - Issue 6, 2015

In this issue
Protecting Property Rights
Omnibus Transportation bill
Idaho Dept. Ag request hires
State Success vs Federal Failure
Two Sales Tax Infrastructure Bills

Capitol Reflections - Issue 5, 2015

In this issue
Repeal of IDWR Rule 50
Infrastructure Revenue Bills
Constitutional Carry Bill
H39 Hand Tool Exemption
Off-road Fuel
Director Spackman
IFBF Conference

Capitol Reflections - Issue 4, 2015

In this issue
Protecting Private Property
Re-Appointment of Director Spackman
Island Park Caldera
Federal Lands Committee Report
BYUI Students Visit Legislature
Regulatory Fredom Amendment
Big Wreck Ahead - Transportation

Capitol Reflections - Issue 3, 2015

In this issue

  • Production Exemption
  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • U of I Econ students visit
  • Kasich urges Idaho to join efforts
  • Rangen Water Curtailment


Capitol Reflections - Issue 2, 2015

In this issue

  • Different health care model
  • Rangen Water Curtailment
  • Freshmen Committee Assignments
  • IFBF Freshmen Legislative Luncheon
  • Boulder-White Cloud


Capitol Reflections - Issue 1, 2015

In this issue
Funding for Idaho roads and bridges
Idaho’s stable agribusiness sector
Governor’s State of the State Address
Thank a Farmer
Private Lands, Public Lands and Sage Grouse
History of Idaho Legislature
How to contact your legislator

Capitol Reflections - Issue 12, 2014 - Final Session Issue

Capitol Reflections
The 2014 legislative session was productive for the citizens of Idaho and for the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation. Of the 17 items that Governor Otter highlighted in his Legislative Successes press release, four were in direct response to Idaho Farm Bureau’s policies and others support policy principles of our organization.
On at least two occasions, the Governor has used Idaho Farm Bureau as the example of how organizations and individuals can achieve success by working pro-actively and cooperatively, within the legislative process to identify problems and then develop solutions for those problems.

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