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Legislative Activities

Capitol Reflections

Capitol Reflections - Issue 11, 2015

In this issue
Transportation Funding
Public Lands Compact
Rulemaking - IPDES
HJM 11 - Dams
Update on Various Legislation

Capitol Reflections - Issue 10, 2015

In this issue
Senate 1044 Eminent Domain
Senate 1062 Direct Primary Care
Big and Little Wood River
Memorials and Resolutions
Senate 1073 hearing

Capitol Reflections - Issue 9, 2015

In this issue
Senate 1044 Eminent Domain
HJM 8 129,000 Pound Trucks
Senate 1137 Idaho’s Utility Code
Senate 1073 Noxious Weed Removal
H 133 Capital Gains Tax
H 39 Hand Tools Tax
Three Transportation Bills

Capitol Reflections - Issue 8, 2015

In this issue
H146 Off-road Gas
H39 Hand Tools Sales Tax
HJM6 “Genetically Engineered”
S1062 Direct Primary Care
H187 Home Kitchens
Simpson-Risch, Boulder-White Clouds

Capitol Reflections - Issue 7, 2015

In this issue
S1044 Passes the Senate
Minimum wage bill
Repeal Off-road Gas Refund
Water Bills this Session
House Ag Kills FB Bill

Capitol Reflections - Issue 6, 2015

In this issue
Protecting Property Rights
Omnibus Transportation bill
Idaho Dept. Ag request hires
State Success vs Federal Failure
Two Sales Tax Infrastructure Bills

Capitol Reflections - Issue 5, 2015

In this issue
Repeal of IDWR Rule 50
Infrastructure Revenue Bills
Constitutional Carry Bill
H39 Hand Tool Exemption
Off-road Fuel
Director Spackman
IFBF Conference

Capitol Reflections - Issue 4, 2015

In this issue
Protecting Private Property
Re-Appointment of Director Spackman
Island Park Caldera
Federal Lands Committee Report
BYUI Students Visit Legislature
Regulatory Fredom Amendment
Big Wreck Ahead - Transportation

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