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Capitol Reflections

Capitol Reflections - Issue 6, 2017

In this issue

Legislative Conference

Oil and Gas

National Affairs

Crop Residue

Taxpayer Bill

HJ1 Ag Memorial

Capitol Reflections - Issue 5, 2017

In this issue
Hemp Production
Stockwater Rights
Water Sustainability
Internet Sales
Dyed Fuel Bills
Invasive Species
State Water Plan/Legislators
Oil and Gas Meeting

Capitol Reflections - Issue 4, 2017

In this issue
Park Designation
Minimum Wage
Tax Cut

Capitol Reflections - Issue 3, 2017

In this issue
Big Game Feeding Decisions
Crop Residue Burn
ISDA Rules
Nampa Wastewater Facility
Big Game Winter Feed Report

Capitol Reflections - Issue 2, 2017

In this issue
Crop Residue Burning
Brand Inspection
New Committee Chair
CALS presentation
Livestock Traceability

Capitol Reflections - Issue 1, 2017

In this issue
IFBF Legislative Priorities
ISDA Briefing
Economic Outlook
Medicaid Expansion
New Legislators

Capitol Reflections - Issue 10, 2016 - Final Issue

In this issue
Career Technical Ed
Retiring Legislators
Legislation Tracked

A recap of many of the bills that were important to the members of the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation are included.

Capitol Reflections - Issue 10, 2016

In this issue
Farm Bureau Bills
Catastrophic Public Nuisance
Aquifer Recharge
Port of Lewiston
Fire Suppression
No Additional Federal Lands
Mulitple-Use Lands

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